Finding experienced people is expensive and difficult. We train your organisation how to plan and execute data driven marketing.


No time-consuming feasibility studies. We make it work. We are one of the most experienced within Marketing Tech and work with your IT to develop your digital eco-system.


Speed is everything.  You will have a re-engineered marketing department up and running in 3 months.


Digital Transformation

Customers today expect — and demand — a seamless and relevant experience. This has changed Marketing as a discipline more rapidly than any other. The main drawback of the digital transformation, however, is the lack of experience and the sheer volume of resources (people, time, money) required to harness its power. Very few companies are able to translate it into revenue within a reasonable time frame without help from specialists.


Digital Marketing Center™

For marketers, the only solution is data driven marketing based on customers’ individual needs. Digital Marketing Center™ is the complete methodology towards an advanced data driven marketing. We execute a digital transformation of your marketing department. We help you develop your own marketing organisation and fully take the advantage of new technologies.


The Hub in your Marketing Department



Customersonly is one of the most experienced companies in data driven marketing. Over the last few years we have maintained a dialogue with more than one million consumers. Not only do we know exactly how they respond to communication activities, we also know how and why their buying patterns, satisfaction and loyalties change. We excel in delivering real business results with customer lifetime marketing.


Let’s say you want to buy a new bike. Suddenly every ad and info flyer about new bicycles comes to life. Your brain is on alert. When communicating with your customers, nothing is more important than being relevant to their new decision journey.


Customer churn means loss of customers. First, we look at why customers are leaving. Then, once we know the root causes, we reduce churn by targeting at-risk customers with the right information or offer.


Understand your customers pain points and satisfaction will skyrocket. Walk through your customers’ journeys. Determine the most influential touchpoints. Design the optimal experience.

Digital Marketing Center™ is part of any modern marketing department

Below you see our view of the big picture. Digital Marketing Center is a vital part of any marketing department. It is important to emphasize that the new marketing department is customer driven, not organized by channel. But to deliver a seamless customer experience, one informed by data and imbued with brand purpose, all staff in the marketing department must share a common vision.

The New Marketing Department

DMC – Building the new Marketing Department

What values and goals guide your brand strategy? What capabilities drive marketing excellence, and what structures and ways of working will support them? What are your customers’ experiences? That is our big questions we will address in order to implement a customer-centric & data driven marketing model: DMC Methodology addresses five areas of improvement. Together we will work with and coach the CMO in order to create a strategy and plan in order to transform the marketing department. With your staff and our creative thinkers, we co-create the new marketing department.

Building The DMC – Phase A – Strategy & Customer Journey

Based on your description of the Customer Journey, we will identify strategic touch points where we think you can change your customers’ attitudes and behaviors and generate business results.

Building The DMC – Phase B – Visualise the Dashboard & Analytics

Creating the DMC Dashboard is perhaps the most important issue at hand. We will help you execute a big data analysis, focusing on customer behavior. We combine sales, traffic, behavior and customer attitudes in an in-depth business case analysis. We identify the right KPIs and see to that you have the right analytical tools to measure business results, preferable in real-time.

Building The DMC – Phase C – Building Your Marketing Stack

A marketing technology stack is the set of tools that your marketing team uses to plan, execute, and measure all aspects of your marketing objectives. Today there are more than 3000 vendors and with the explosion of new marketing technologies, it’s more important than ever to carefully choose your components and build the stack that’s right for your organization.

Building The DMC – Phase D – Creating The Content Grid

New media requires new content. Content that the customer not only embraces but also forwards. We have moved far beyond the marketing funnel and we now look at customer engagement as a continuum of relevant, contextually-appropriate interaction – and we measure progress at every point along the way.

Building The DMC – Phase E – DMC Academy

We will execute a big data business case analysis focusing on customer behavior. We combine sales, traffic, behavior and customer attitudes in an in-depth business case analysis.

How to buy a Digital Marketing Center™

DMC Team

Hire an experienced team for 3-6 months

In order to add experience, it is important to reach out and include people from outside the organization. Using our experience is the smartest, fastest and most effective way to profoundly change your marketing.During 3-6 month our DMC Team will take full responsibility for implementing a new way of working, a Digital Marketing Center.

DMC Coach

Pay Monthly. 8500 SEK/month.

We are launching our DMC Coach. A completely new and cost-effective way of getting our experience. Every week you will have online meetings where you discuss and take actions. Your personal coach will guide you how to step by step implement a data driven marketing. Only 8500 SEK/month, ex tax.

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