4 phrases that managers should never say

They are everywhere; the bad managers. In every branch, and in every age. And we bet you all have had one.

4 phrases that managers should never say

Since they come in every shape and business, there’s one thing they all seem to have in common: the lack of proper communication. But in all managers defense – we know your job isn’t easy! And of course, all of you aren’t bad ones, and in fact, there are plenty of excellent managers who empower, motivate and build up their employees (we see you too!).

As for that, communication is still essential when it comes to leadership. So, here are some ways on how NOT to speak to your employees.

”I do not pay you to do your job.”

Yes, this is a very, very rude thing to say. And we are quite sure that you wouldn’t actually use this phrase. But, body language and similar phrasing are just as bad. Instead, ask your employee what they think could be done. This is especially important when it comes to newly hired people with less experience.

”Nice job today.”

We know this is a compliment BUT, the phrase implies that your employees are doing a nice job every day, or that you are not paying attention to what they actually are doing. Instead, be specific about a particular situation or event, and refer to that while telling them ”Good job!”.

”Keep doing what you’re doing.”

You are trying to tell your employee they are doing good, and you are. But phrases like this does not empower your employees or making them feel like they are growing in their role.

Why don’t you ask them if they have any other skill to grow – this gives them a chance to share their thoughts about what’s next in their career, instead of feeling a sense of boredom in the present role.

”Does that make sense to everyone?”

Presenting or giving instructions usually contains a lot of these type of phrases. You are obviously just wanting to check if everyone is following what you are saying, but it also implies that there is no room for asking questions. Put it like this: ”I know I went through a lot really fast, is there anything you would like to ask or add if I wasn’t clear?”

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