Five steps to make your marketing team more effective

How can one utilize and integrate the new marketing insights? Here are five tricks that make your team work better and more efficient. Moreover, it´s ok to make mistakes – but make them short.

Five steps to make your marketing team more effective

Marketing has changed more in the last ten years than during the previous 50. With new technology and a deeper understanding of the customer’s buying cycle, the need for more and more specialized roles also arises.

From the boom of smartphones to the rise of social media, marketing has moved far away from promotional emails and static content. However, how do you utilize the new insights and integrate them into smart campaigns? Here are five tricks that can make your team work better and more efficiently.

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#1. Define a work strategy

Develop a plan that makes the job more efficient – and we don’t mean that the team should run faster but rather how the processes are run. Who approves and when? What happens when you encounter problems? Which deadlines are carved in stone and which are flexible? Also, how should the team prioritize the parts of different projects and campaigns?

Agile marketing, for example, is a strategy that has a proactive view of change, an iterative approach, and a flexible approach to new directives along the way. The benefits are of higher quality, better priorities, and faster launches.

#2. Use ONE tool for collaboration

Even if you are all in the same office, the team needs a universal tool for collaboration. More importantly, if you are scattered. In the tool communication takes place, here all the documents, priority lists, responsibilities, deadlines, etc. are collected. The search for information in emails, text messages, and notepads only takes additional time.

Research shows that 20% of the workweek is used to look for private information or find a colleague who can help with a specific task. Having a tool where all the projects, documents, and dialogues exist allows the team to devote their time to the right things.

#3. However, don’t forget about physical meetings

Too many meetings make the work ineffective, but at the same time, it is essential to have physical meetings with the entire team from time to time – with a clean and clear purpose.

Put together an agenda that benefits everyone from being together. Should some individuals share their actions and results? Notify them in good time. Also, make sure always to take notes where activities, responsibilities, and deadlines are written down.

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#4. Measure the effect of the work

Measuring right is the key to success. All the time you spend on market research, campaigns and content should be tested, measured, and reviewed. With an analysis tool, your team can see what works and what needs improvement. You also get to know what your existing and potential customers are looking for, and what motivates them to buy.

#5. Make mistakes but make them short

Mistakes missed deadlines, and misunderstandings are inevitable in almost all projects. At the same time, mistakes are just as important as successes in growing and collaborating. The team can learn from what went wrong and how to avoid it next time. Also, remember that some of the very best and most innovative ideas are rooted in failures and differences of opinion.

For the same reason, it is also essential to know when something went well. Is it possible, for example, to do even better next time?

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