About us

We are the marketplace for marketers

Our platform model will transform marketing as you know it

Customersonly is an independent marketing consultant supplier in the Nordics. CMO’s are increasingly seeking unified, best-in-class teams that can work across disciplines and agencies. Our platform transforms how marketing is done. When people work better – marketing works better.

Our mission

To our customers, we simplify the complicated. In today’s complex marketing environment, we have the opportunity to create services that change how leading brands find the right consultants, tech, and tools.

Our vision

Our vision is vibrant, friendly marketing that makes people’s lives easier is non-intrusive, informative, and create value to both buyer and seller. We also believe in a friendly freelancer economy were buying high, and charging high is the norm.

Our values

Things are simple when you bring people to understand them. We achieve results through exceptional teamwork. We challenge ourselves to think critically and beyond the hype. Every partnership reflects our commitment to serving our customers with excellence. We are committed to building an inclusive and diverse culture through mutual respect, trust, and cooperation.

Our business model

Our platform business model focuses on facilitating interactions across all participants in the marketing practice: brands, agencies, freelancers, and technology providers. Our business model makes everyone a winner and puts our customers at the center: that’s why we’re called Customersonly.



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