CONSULTANTS ON THE BENCH? We help you in getting your talents assigned


We´ll take care of your selling and administration

Running or owning an agency is hard. Clients are asking for services that you don’t offer and it is getting more difficult to acquire new clients.
We need to rethink how agencies work.
In today´s marketing consumers and brands are connected. Our business model empower cross-agency collaboration that let your agency specialize and focus on your unique capabilities.



Being a part of Customersonly eliminates one of the most significant barriers to profitability: Category exclusivity. Instead of just working with one client in each category we tear down those barriers and let you use your deep industry knowledge with new customers.


Clients are asking for services that you don’t offer. However, being a part of our cross-agency teams means that you can deliver results by focusing on what you do best and collaborating with other specialist. Specialization help your agency attract the clients you want.


We are strong believers in that Agencies should stop pitching for free. We do a lot of your selling and our ambition is to finalize deals without you putting any work into the pitch. Our platform also helps you work smarter by digitizing your workflows. You just focus on what you love.


Being our client includes access to a toolbox that radically enhances your marketing. Through our tools, you increase the measurability of communication. Great for the agency, excellent for the client. Through better coordination and collaboration, the efficiency of your agency team improves.

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Start by registering. Confirm through the email following this and you are good to go.  Logged in you see the dashboard. Here, there will eventually be a summary – of your favourite assignments as well as your applications and the tasks on which you currently work.

If you want the employees in your agency to sign up with Customersonly, in order to be compliant with GDPR, it is vital that they themselves register and add their profiles to Customersonly. In order for you as a representant for the agency to add a profile for single consultants, you will need a written consent and also send this to us ahead of the registration. Your consultant profiles will not be visible to any others than to our staff.  Before we send any consultant profiles to a customer, you and your consultant will also give your consent.

Start by filling in in My Profile and, if applicable, add links to your social media as well as to your LinkedIn profile. The next step will be to fill in your resume, a digitized consulting profile where you write a personal letter followed by a summary list of your education, your experience, and your skills. You can also upload your portfolio and add any honours or awards.

We will assign you a Consultant Agent of your own and you can see our platform as your own ”sales organization.” Through an AI-based matching tool, we match skills and competence with the assignments posted by clients. Depending on the posted assignment, the client will receive a proposal from us.  Before we send your profile to the client we will get your consent.

Depending on the posted assignment, the client will receive a suggestion of a single consultant or a team of consultants. If you’re called for an interview, usually your Consultant Agent will be present.  If the client is pleased with the proposal you will get a confirmation.

If both parties agree, you and the client each sign a contract with Customersonly regarding the assignment. In the contract we specify time-line, scope and fees of the project. Instead of invoicing us, you fill in a timesheet regarding your billable hours. We in our turn invoice the client.

As a consultant tied to Customersonly, you will gain access to your own Consultant Agent. During the project, we will use performance management tools in order to evaluate your work and give feedback.

We handle the invoicing and you can keep track of the assignment via your dashboard. We charge a commission on the value of the agreement that is transparent to all parties.

After your assignment, you and your client will review the work. The review is used by you and your client to further optimize and develop your collaboration.