Build your communication dream team and digitize your marketing

We give access to the entire market – the right people, the right tech and digitized workflows. Our vision is to build the most extensive communication network in the Nordic region, without employed consultants. Here you find the talents, the tech and the tools to digitize your marketing, it´s the only way.

When people work better, marketing operates better

Our, business model, The Only Way, creates the agency of the future – with the right team, the right technology, and digitized workflows.
The Only Way is an entirely new way of working that consists of three parts: the right people, the right technology and digital ways of working.

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#1. As so often it starts with the right people.

The solution consists of cross-agency functional teams, that is, a team from the customer together with employees from several agencies plus consultants. Customersonsly´s goal is to offer about 10,000 qualified marketing consultants – be it AI specialists, creators, web editors, social media experts or data scientists.

#2. The next part is accurate technology.

The pace of change in new technology indicates that there must be a flexible environment in which people can quickly replace old technology with new. In Customersonly’s database, there are more than 7,000 suppliers of Marketing Tech, but also the consultants and developers who can manage them.

#3. The third challenge is to work in a new way.

Turning old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows increases the efficiency of your agencies and marketing consultants. With our platform, we help your team to data-driven decision-making, more effective collaborations and increased automation. When people work better, marketing works better.

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With Customersonly’s services, entirely new conditions are created to shape the agency of the future where everyone does what they love and do best.


This is how it works

You can use one of the services that we offer or take advantage of the complete service. Whatever you need, whenever you want it – we have it.

Finding the right people

The marketing manager places an assignment on customersonly.com and receives help in recruiting a single service or an entire team. When the marketing manager is happy with our suggestion, the agreement is written between Customersonly and the client/buyer as well as between Customersonly and the consultant/agency.

We do the managing

The Customersonly database contains all the software but also the consultants and developers who can manage them. The marketing manager can thus choose the right technology – and find the specialist to handle it. With our solution, you will obtain the precise technology for your marketing.

Digitizing the ways of working

Use our tools to streamline the marketing department. Turn old, standard methods of working into modern digital workflows, so that the consultants and agencies get what they need when they need it.

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