Agency managers and CMOs agree: agencies are developing too slowly

In a survey, agency managers and marketing managers were asked to answer precisely the same questions about the changing role of agencies. In some parts, the two sides were in agreement, in others not so much.


Agency managers and CMOs agree: agencies are developing too slowly

Recently, Creativebrief conducted a significant review of the agencies’ changing role in modern marketing. As part of the evaluation, a large study was also made in which 100 industry executives, 50 CMOs, and 50 agency managers were interviewed.

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Whether the person replying was the agency manager or the CMO, he or she had to answer the same questions. In some parts, the two sides agreed, in others not so much.

Most noteworthy: both agency managers and CMOs think agencies are developing far too slowly to meet the needs of brands. Also: the absolute majority of CMOs want an agency that suggests new innovative ideas rather than produces channel-specific content.

Below are six different statements and answers from the two separate parties. 

#1: ”The CMO wants to work with fewer agencies than before.”
The answer: Agency 68%, CMO: 83%

#2: ”The CMO wants the agency to come up with new innovative ideas rather than producing channel-specific content.
The answer: Agency 58%, CMO 94%

#3: ”The CMO thinks that agency structures, processes, and delivery speed are developing at the same pace as their own brand needs.
The answer: Agency 32%, CMO 28%

#4: “The CMO believes that in three years they will go more towards choosing a full-service agency.”
The answer: Agency 26%, CMO 17%

#5: ”The CMO believes that within three years, the agency must adapt its business models and be open to new and innovative replacement models.
The answer: Agency 89%, CMO 100%

#6: ”CMOs believe that within three years they will put more of their strategic marketing activities in-house.
The answer: Agency 47%, CMO 82%

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