Create your dream team through one single contact

Whether you need a single specialist or a whole team, post an assignment, and we make sure you get the right resources. Developers or designers and everything in between – we have them.


Create your dream team – through a single contact

We know that the CMO is under enormous pressure.
First, you must build the brand and manage marketing. Secondly, you must handle the digital transformation. Moreover, as if that is not enough – you must create the optimal customer experience.
We can help you with this.

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At Customersonly, we have built our business model on the idea of ​​teams from several agencies, equipped with the right tools, that realize the business goals of your marketing. We call them Cross-Agency Teams.

To register with Customersonly is easy. Here are three great reasons why you should join.

Access the entire market through a single contact

With us, you will find your team of consultants and agencies. We make the perfect match, and you get the creative and technical force you need to succeed. Today’s digital marketing is complex and changes rapidly, but we help you succeed.

Customer interest over agency results

The agency’s centered business model limits its ability to address your particular challenges. Our cross-agency team is therefore encouraged to work by your ideas and needs – instead of working in silos.

Modern digital workflows increase productivity

Our platform The Only Way ™ changes how the marketer works. When bureaucratic obstacles are gone, the team can better focus on making an excellent result. Because when people work better – marketing works better.

Here’s how it works:

1. Start by registering and creating a business account. Signing up is completely free, and you do not commit to anything. At no cost, you can publish an unlimited number of assignments in our database of marketing professionals.

2. Whether you need a single specialist or a whole team, post an assignment, and we make sure you get the right resources. Developers or designers and everything in between – we have them.

3. With AI-based decision support, we match and present candidates and agencies based on your needs. You then get three suggestions that you can evaluate back in the office with your colleagues. Together you agree on the best choice for you.

4. The agreement is written between Customersonly and you, the client/buyer and between Customersonly and the consultant/agency. We charge a commission on the value of the assignment that is entirely transparent to all parties. We also handle all the invoicing, and throughout the project, you can follow the result via your dashboard.

5. With us, you get access to your Client Manager who during the project is in contact with both you and the consultant/agency to see how everything progresses and if the assignment is carried out in the best way.

6. After your assignment, you and your consultant will evaluate the job performed. The mutual evaluation will only be used by you and your consultant or agency to improve future collaborations further.
In addition to finding the right people, our platform The Only Way™ includes a host of tools that allow your consultants and agencies to work better together. Here are also dashboards that enable you to focus on the result. With The Only Way ™, you improve your internal efficiency through better coordination and collaboration. Also, your administration becomes easier.

We can also help you with additional services that further increase your efficiency. These may include cross-agency management, performance management, and project management, to name a few.

Låter det intressant? Vill du veta mer om hur Customersonly kan hjälpa just dig och ditt företag? Kontakta oss via formuläret, mejla eller ring enligt nedan.

Kontakta mig – jag vill veta mer!

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