Every moment is a market of its own

For marketing to succeed, it is crucial to reach the potential customer at precisely the right moment. Also, the window is tight and competitive.

Every moment is a market of its own

What a learning curve we have had in the last decade! However, unfortunately, as a marketer, it is not enough to master a variety of tools.

For marketing to succeed, it is crucial to reach the potential customer at precisely the right moment. Also, the window is tight and competitive. The next step must, therefore, be to fully form the communication to the single consumer to offer the products and services at precisely the right moment.

The consumer runs ahead

We can start by looking at the mature consumer. After all, she or he has learned and embraced the new digital technology in parallel with all brands. For the mobile phone, it took twelve years to reach 50 million users. For the internet, it took seven years to reach the same volume. At the same time: Facebook reached 50 million users in four years, WeChat needed one year – and for Pokémon GO it took 19 days.

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In other words, people are quick to adopt and use new technologies. Also, if they are your customers (or perhaps your employees), the likelihood is that they outrun your business in their digital transformation. As customers become increasingly knowledgeable about the technology itself and about how companies use it, they become selective and demanding in what they choose. The consequence: brands have to work with or adapt to them in different ways.

Every opportunity is an individual market

We have reached a point where we have gone from hyper-personalization to the fact that every single customer has their reality and where every moment represents a potential opportunity for marketers to influence it. It may sound like quantum physics, but the fact is that technology creates a world of intensely customized and demanded experiences. Therefore, marketers should see each opportunity as an individual market.

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Like this:

# 1. Keep it personal

No, we don’t throw the baby out with the water. Consumers may, by all means, be digitally mature, but that does not mean that they have lost their humor, their willingness to share, and a longing for authentic, innovative and thought-provoking content.

# 2. Unique opportunities for unique customers

Many consumers have a technology identity, which in part is also a generational issue. By keeping up with the innovation of new technology, you gain a proper understanding of the next generation of consumers. This, in turn, drives the marketing towards developing creative and personal relationships where you can meet the consumer’s needs.

Through their choice of platforms, people also express strong feelings about which technology they prefer to reach the content they want. This can give marketers new insights into new market opportunities.

# 3. Responsive content – in all channels

Digital products and services have soaked consumers. A stream of new social media has become the obvious place to find and share information. Previously, the content we wanted remained in a fixed location. Now we expect it to accompany us into the environment in which we choose to be. Add to that the majority of smart home devices that enable interactions between the digital and the physical world, and we are entering a whole new era for content and how it is consumed. To quickly adapt to all new ways of communicating must become the new standard.

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# 4. Manage expectations

An interesting consequence of the above is the promotion of the illusion that most needs can be met, no matter how personal or customized. Alternatively, for that matter, regardless of who is the sender. By understanding people on a holistic level and being aware that their needs can change immediately, marketers can turn the illusion into reality.

Immediate results

In the post-digital world, every moment will represent a potentially new market. Demand, as well as results, are communicated and expected immediately. Also, both are continually changing, creating an endless stream of opportunities at best.

Although digitally disadvantaged brands are still looking for competitive advantages, whether innovation or increased personalization, digital companies want to move from one market to many always customized on-demand.

Therefore – to organizations used to one market towards many – there are significant challenges in delivering for specific and ever-changing moments. The digital transformation requires a whole new set of tools and strategies.

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