Five questions to ask during the job interview – to the recruiter

Do ask! Make sure to leave a positive impression on the interviewer by asking well-thought questions.


Five questions to ask during the job interview – to the recruiter

We know that a job interview often can contribute to great nervousness and potential black-out situations. As a consultant, you may be a bit sharper and accustomed to ”selling yourself” than someone who has only been employed  might be, but when it’s time for the interview, it is the same for everyone: the need to impress and stand out in the crowd is critical.

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It is also common to leave an interview with the feeling that you have not performed your best. ”What did I even answer?”, is probably a common thought after the meeting. But if you have some questions to come back to the interviewer with, you probably feel more satisfied with your effort, and it also gives you more control over your performance. And besides, it is a way to get your interviewer to remember you.

Here are five questions to ask during the job interview!

1. How come you are working here/started the company?

Twist the question depending on if you are talking to an employee or founder (may be likely if you are applying for roles in smaller companies). How come they once applied for a job here, or what made them take the plunge and start the company in the first place? It gives you an insight into how others in the company view their work, or what drives the founder.

2. What would a typical workday look like for me?

As a consultant, you may be spoiled with being able to work from different places or even from home. This question gives you an idea of ​​how much you are expected to be on-site, or if it is more flexible from where the job is done. Also, it is a nicer way to find out this information than to ask, ”How often do I need to be in the office?”, which may sound as you would rather not be there at all.

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3. How will I be measured?

A highly relevant question, as it shows both what your most essential tasks in the role will be, as well as how and if you are expected to report results. It also shows the interviewer that you are prepared to communicate and follow up on your work, which indicates that you are serious.

4. What would you say are the key competencies for this role?

In most role descriptions, words like ”team player”, ”flexible”, ”responsive” and ”independent” are wildly used. But aside from that, what are the real skills that this role requires? By finding this out, the interviewer gets the feeling that you are anxious to fit in the role, and it gives you a hint as to what qualities you should emphasize from yourself.

5. Is there anything about my answers that seems unclear and that you want me to elaborate?

Be prepared to get a ”no” on this question, never the less  it shows that you are transparent, open to being questioned and that you can stand up for yourself.

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