Great ideas are still the essence

To keep being relevant to customers is a challenge to many brands. It is easy to overlook the fact that ideas are still the essence in the dialogue with the consumers, even in the digital era.

Great ideas are still the essence of digital communication

The numerous aspects of digital marketing, such as AI, Big data, bots and retargeting, can feel overwhelming. Furthermore, new systems and new technologies continuously develop.

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Stay up-to-date with tech

For a marketer, it is vital to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and to understand the effect and scope of digital communication. But no matter how much you perform digitally – without a good idea, your campaign collapses. There will be no effect, despite a massive budget for media investing.

Be relevant to the customer

So, of what consists a great idea? Well, the most significant thing is to be relevant to the customer. Most people are extremely tired of advertising. In the commercial breaks, they zap on their TV or dive into their cell phones. On the web, they quickly scroll (at best), or (at worst) install ad blockers. And they definitely do not want any direct mail adverts or sales calls.

A downside of traditional advertising is that it interrupts instead of giving the consumer something of direct value. Consuming an advert is rarely an active choice. The message exposed sometimes catches her interest, but most often doesn´t. And to the marketer, it has the disadvantage of being quite costly.

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The secret of breaking through

So how do you succeed in breaking through? Well, with excellent and extensive content that is also entertaining and relevant to the customer.

In its best form, content marketing offers good-to-know information to the consumer. However, with bad ideas and poor execution, not even the content campaign will perform. Anything will not do – the fuel in your digital marketing must still consist of good ideas.

Building brand loyalty

Great content based on excellent ideas will provide the information, inspiration and possibly even the entertainment that the customer wants. Since she feels that she is getting something of value, brand loyalty is being built. The brand has become relevant to the target group.

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