The secret of top performing marketing teams

No agency or marketing department can compile a team with expertise in all relevant areas. The solution is enlisting multiple specialized agencies.


The secret of top performing marketing teams

Marketing platforms and channels keep being more fragmented – to create integrated customer experiences demands specialist teams. The problem, however, is that neither your marketing department nor your agencies can assemble a team with expertise within all the relevant areas of modern marketing.

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The cross-agency team

The cross-agency team solves many of the challenges with modern marketing. For an agency however it is tempting to use the consultants that are “on the bench” instead of finding the top specialist.
A cross-agency team is a unified, best-in-class team that works across disciplines and agencies, smashes company and agency silos. Well managed it results in superior business results and increased productivity. The conclusion must be to no longer separate marketing talent into agency silos.

The New Collaborative CMO

A recent study by Accenture and Forrester shows that the responsibilities of CMOs’ have dramatically shifted over the last years. Forward thinking CMO’s recognize the need for a new way of collaboration to execute an aligned customer experience strategy.
When you remove silos and open communication, you can create a positive culture around innovation and creativity. To succeed, however, a new more collaborative leader is needed. Engagement with your brand, excitement about your products, loyalty — it can all be quantified. Using data to make informed decisions about how to engage with prospects and customers, is a much better way to market your business.

Transform old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows

Working in a new collaborative way needs smarter and digitized workflows. Your team and agencies need to embrace using new tools for performance & project management. Finally, if you are a CMO that want to keep your job, it is, of course, vital that you lead the digital transformation of the customer experiences. The best foundation for change is knowing where you are.  Let your customers be the judges that tell you where you are in your digital transformation journey.


Our mission with The Only Way Platform™ is to help CMO´s facilitate a new way of working with cross-functional teams, effective data-driven decision making and digitized work processes. When people work better together, marketing works better.

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