Plats: Stockholm
Företag: Hemnet
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Länk: https://se.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=091ca72bbaed09ec

Om tjänsten

Hemnet has about 60 million monthly visits. People come to Hemnet for joy, inspiration, and most importantly, their new home. As a developer at Hemnet, you’ll face fun challenges as you develop ideas for products that impact people’s lives in positive ways.

Development at Hemnet

Product teams at Hemnet are self-propelled and cross-functional, giving you the opportunity to be part of the entire product development cycle. We’re data-driven and work closely together – researching things from the smallest to the largest that we test and iterate on. We validate against real data so we don’t waste time and instead gain lots of new insights. Our millions of users give us quick feedback on what we build. Each agile team has plannings, sprints, retrospectives, demos, and continuous delivery as part of the workday. We collaborate across teams to align technical solutions, design implementation, and customer awareness. You’ll work in a friendly and caring company culture where transparency, respect, work-life balance, and employee well-being are high on the company’s agenda.

Team Sellers’ Experience

The team will consist of five product developers, a UX designer, a product manager and a development manager who work closely together to continuously deliver smart and valuable solutions to users selling properties on Hemnet. You’ll be involved with all areas of product development: Ideation, innovation, new development, iteration and maintenance. You and your team will implement the solutions the team has designed and deploy them to production multiple times a day. Together with the team, you’ve the opportunity to have a big impact on what we build and how we build it, because each team has control over their own product decisions. Our ways of working vary, but pair and mob programming are important parts of knowledge sharing, as is code reviewing.

The team provides insights, services and products for one of our user groups, real estate sellers, to get the most out of their selling experience and enable a successful real estate sale.

Some examples of our products:

  • Real estate listing products
  • Upselling and cross-selling products
  • Price calculations
  • Data and information services for real estate sellers.

Who we’re looking for

You enjoy working in a team that likes to test new approaches and enjoy working close to users. You enjoy product development and want to understand how the things you and your team implement impact the end user experience. You understand the importance of releasing features quickly to accelerate learning and iterate. We’re looking for you who enjoys discussing with us to figure out what our customers need.

You’ve been working in systems development for some time and are used to leading yourself and aren’t afraid to take your own initiatives. You’re a solid and experienced backend developer with experience working with dynamically typed languages (Ruby, Python, Javascript, etc.). You’ve a strong interest in system development and in developing short and long term solutions in close collaboration with other developers. You understand why it’s important to write robust tests and are a true advocate of TDD.

We hire developers who’re competent, self-motivated, and value a strong team spirit. We value diverse talent with different backgrounds and cultures.

The team’s stack:

  • Ruby (Rails)
  • RSpec
  • PostgreSQL
  • GraphQL
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • React.js
  • Next.js
  • Test library (we use jest)
  • TypeScript

Are some technologies new to you? No problem! We believe that good developers can learn new technologies quickly, and we support them in doing so.

As one of our ~35 developers …

… you’ll have an audience of several million users. We believe in rapid iterations and try to release as often as possible. With so many users, we can run efficient user tests, often getting results after a few days.

We share and develop our knowledge through breakfast discussions, lab weeks, brown bag lunches, and training so you can grow in your role.

If this sounds interesting and you feel like joining Sweden’s largest real estate portal and taking it to the next level – send us your application today and let’s talk more!