Plats: Göteborg
Företag: Volvo Car Corporation
Länk: https://jobbsafari.se/jobbannons/data-scientist-car-service-operations/AF-26822862
Kontakta: penpisut.poowanaviroch@volvocars.comn|pedram.yousefi@volvocars.comn
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Om tjänsten

Who are we?nVolvo Cars is a company on a mission; to bring traditional car manufacturing into a connected, sustainable and smart future.nSince 1927, we have been a brand known for our commitment to safety, creating innovative cars that make life less complicated for our consumers. In 2010, we decided to transform our business, resulting in a totally new generation of cars and technologies, as well as steady growth and record sales. Today, we’re expanding our global footprint in Europe, China and the US, and we’re on the lookout for new talent. nWe are constantly pushing our own skills and abilities to drive change in the automobile industry like never before. We are looking for innovative, committed people to join us in this endeavour and create safe, sustainable and connected cars. We believe in the power of people and will challenge and support you to reach your full potential. Join us and be part of Volvo Cars’ journey into the future.nnAbout usnData Driven Service & Software is responsible for making life less complicated for consumers by providing efficient, desired, and sustainable technical solutions and concepts for our service providers. This responsibility goes all the way from product creation to implementation in the markets. Using user-centric and data driven models ART Data Driven Service & Software aims to achieve customer satisfaction through service efficiency and accuracy. nWe need people with passion, energy, business sense and the drive to innovate and change the car usage experience. This may be an excellent opportunity for you to take on a new challenge!nnWhat you will donYou will be part of Data Driven Business Development team. You will be the key player in empowering data-driven product development for service providers by guiding the organization towards a more comprehensive data-driven business.nYou will gather, analyze, and provide statistics of data to help stakeholders gain a better insight into product behavior (e.g. the aftermarket system). You will use machine learning and statistics to make predictive models for vehicle systems and visualization techniques to present complex results in a clear and understandable way.nFinally, you will be an important part to set team strategy and way forward for Data Driven Business Development team and supporting the other teams in the ART.nWho you arenYou are a person with strategic and innovation mindset with good data analytic skill. nYou are a team player who eager to learn and develop your knowledge and skillset as well as to support others with their personal and professional growth. You are self-driven, purpose and value oriented, have an open mind-set and strong communication skill.  nSee the big picture and often take an outside perspective in dialogues. nYou also have further experiences:n•    Applying statistical methods to analyze and solve the data problems.n•    Machine learning and statistical modeling.n•    Basic scientific computing libraries such as Pandas, Scipy, Numpy, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow.n•    Ability to write well-structured, tested, and readable code in Python, R, or Scala. (Common tools we use are Jupyter Notebooks, Databricks, Spark, SQL, PowerBI).n•    Cloud technologies such as Azure and AWS.n•    Business intelligence tools, e.g. Dash, Streamlit, PowerBI, Azure App Service.n•    Experience within the automotive and diagnostics domain.nYou are fluent in both verbal and writing in English and SAFe framework experience is meritorious.nLet’s get to know each othernIf you have any questions about the role, please contact Hiring Manager nPenpisut Poowanaviroch at  penpisut.poowanaviroch@volvocars.comnFor questions regarding the recruitment process, please contact Senior Recruiter; Pedram Yousefi, pedram.yousefi@volvocars.comnKindly register your application as soon as possible but not later than 2022-12-06.nPlease submit your application in English and note that applications via email will not be considered due to GDPR.