Plats: Sweden
Företag: Jobbdirekt
Anställningsform:Full Time
Länk: https://graduateland.com/en/job/49815153/14/database-administrator-dba-for-availability
Kontakta: bjorn.sandvall@boliden.com
Sista ansökningsdag:2022-08-04

Om tjänsten

Database administrator (DBA) for availability We are looking for you who want to join us in developing modern IT services to make information available for all of us at Boliden. About your role With us you get to be part of an international community in a creative environment that contributes to a sustainable future. We are three database administrators in a team of just over ten people committed to understanding and managing our database environment. We design, implement and operate solutions so that our databases and its related applications operate in a good and safe way. This includes contact with users and partners and participating in projects. The workplace is in Boliden and you will get to travel to our different sites occasionally. We will customize the role to suit you and support you in your transition to us and in combining work and private life. About your skills We look forward to welcoming you to our team who is curious and wants to grow together. Who is considerate of others, can develop warm relationships and collaborate well. With a sense of order and ability to communicate in English and understandable in Swedish. We believe you have a technical education or equivalent experience working with relational databases with an understanding of the importance of available information. You will need knowledge in Microsoft SQL Server as an administrator and developer and be able to work with Oracle databases. When employed, you will also need a driver’s license. Do you want to know more? Please contact me as recruiting manager Björn Sandvall on +46 703 80 66 38 or bjorn.sandvall@boliden.com. Your interest is much appreciated! Union representatives are Andreas Mårtensson (Unionen) +46 70 541 83 93, Holger Rilinger (SACO) +46 910 70 57 59 and Peter Markström (Ledarna) +46 910 77 40 09. Welcome to apply We strive for diversity and welcome your application until Sunday 14 august 2022 via our website www.boliden.com – Career – Join Boliden. If you have any questions about your application please contact our Talent Acquisition Partner Terese Lindholm on +46 70 508 69 43 or terese.lindholm@boliden.com. Thinking about relocating? Boliden is close to nature with affordable accommodation in Skelleftea municipality. Here you are offered a wide range of experiences, support and care and a developing business life. At a commuting distance from Boliden is the municipality’s central town of Skelleftea. A city that is growing and wants to be a sustainable place for a better everyday life. Versatility and short distances provides a good balance and quality of life. If you are considering moving to Skelleftea and want to read more about it, you can click here.   AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedIn var urlToJob = ””; if (window.location !== window.parent.location) { // The page is in an iframe , document.referrer to get parent url if (document.referrer != null) { urlToJob = document.location.href;//document.referrer + window.location.pathname; } else { urlToJob = document.location.href; } } else { // The page is not in an iframe urlToJob = document.location.href; } var addthis_share = { url: urlToJob } Sista ansökningsdag : 14 augusti . Arbetsort : Boliden . Publicerat : 18 juli Kategorier : Data & ITKontor & Administration