Plats: Stockholm
Företag: Nigel Frank International
Länk: https://www.careerbuilder.se/jdp/global-security-services-%7C-stockholm-%7C-data-engineer-j3r7fd6pz34pnn2vkvp
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Threats to safety are becoming more complex. This companies mission is to help their clients keep their business and operations safe. They recognize there is a need for a fresh approach to security services aided through the use of technology and data As a dominating force within the industry, this company has employees worldwide with a global reach of its products and services. Their comprehensive services span across areas such as on-site guarding, aviation, electronics, and many more. Working within this company will allow you to be part of this innovative new era in a critical global sector. The Business Intelligence team here will operate to innovate the way that data here is processed, managed, and analysed. Your work will be crucial for the business for the insights it provides and thus their ability to make the right decisions. Your role will include… Working from the development to the deployment stage Immersed within a multi-disciplinary team of data scientists Constructing large data pipelines using Apache Airflow and Databricks Maintaining and improving the quality of data storage An ideal candidate will… Performing data analysis and data exploration (Pandas and SQL) knowledge of Microsoft Azure’s Platform Programming experience/ knowledge Experience with Git for distributed version control On a personal level they are looking for someone who… has strong communication skills and feel confident explaining their ideas to their team and stakeholders Ability to critically think while maintaining and open mind. strong and positive work ethic can take responsibility for tasks and meeting deadlines. What can they offer you? Being a part of this company not only allows you the opportunity to work with innovative technology but also to experience a progressive and thriving workplace. They also encourage their employees desire to expand their knowledge, and invest in your personal development by offering additional workshops and training. With a friendly office environment this company can boast of their passionate team who all share a love for data Finally, with a central Stockholm location, getting to their modern offices is easy with the numerous transport links available all within a short walk. Does this sound like it could be a good fit for you? Lets arrange a time to call to go through this in more detail and the other roles we have available for you. Email: [ Link removed ] Linkedin: [ Link removed ]