Plats: Göteborg
Företag: Forza Football
Anställningsform:Full Time
Länk: https://se.linkedin.com/jobs/view/junior-backend-developer-at-forza-football-3356347122
Sista ansökningsdag:2022-12-11

Om tjänsten

Forza Football is looking for Junior Elixir backend developers to join our talented team. Responsibilities You will have the benefit of working together with an Elixir Core team member in a small group of skilled developers and designers dedicated to building top-tier products for users all over the world. You will be working on the services that power our mobile apps—from the API that serves millions of clients to the push notification system that keeps our users up-to-date on their favourite football teams and competitions We do not hire solely based on experience with a few specific tools or languages or university degrees. Rather, we hire developers who are smart, pragmatic, and self-driven. We value the ability to learn new tools and function in an agile environment. We are an equal opportunity employer and are excited to expand our team with diverse talents from different backgrounds and cultures. Requirements Experience with Elixir and OTP: you have worked on applications for production use (at least one year of working experience) An interest in systems that are highly available, resilient, and run at scale Sense of craftsmanship: you strive for code quality and maintainability, write tests as part of your coding routine Knowledge about caching strategies, message queues and service-oriented architectures An understanding of setting up infrastructure and managing Linux servers Experience with deployment tooling, monitoring, alerting, data visualization, load testing and/or live system debugging Strong communication skills Be a team player, pay attention to detail, and be not afraid to share unconventional ideas Good oral and written skills in English, as Forza Football operates globally, and many employees are international Why work at Forza Football Forza Football is a team of 25 people from 10 different countries, passionately crafting solutions using modern technologies to redefine the world of football in terms of access and equality. We keep everything simple and avoid lengthy company policies, unnecessary meetings, and bureaucracy. We value self-reliance and believe the success of the company relies on the actions of each individual. Our motto is that if the team is feeling well, the company is feeling well. That’s why we created what we believe is one of the best ways of working where every employee has the autonomy to create a good balance between work and free time. As with everything, we strive to make the work environment and our products even better. In addition to working with great people in a conducive environment, as an employee of Forza Football company, you also get: Flexible working hours Six weeks paid vacation Parental leave benefits Computer and gadget setup needed for work Conference visits with accommodation and travel expenses paid