Plats: Västra Götaland
Företag: AGN Haga AB
Länk: https://www.careerjet.se/jobad/sebc251ba7c7206d28a891d62dcc0fd5c1
Sista ansökningsdag:2023-01-05

Om tjänsten

Om jobbet: Your Tasks Plan the construction activities and supervises their progress throughout the life of the project in a timely and economical manner; he is responsible for the organization of the work, the implementation and the planning of the project in compliance with economic and schedule terms of the budget Responsibility’s & main task · Reports to the PM on production status by daily or weekly reports; · Cooperates with the PM and the Planning engineer for preparing the Works Schedule; · Cooperates with the PM for budget drafting, providing for his own part, the necessary data about the production rates; · Informs the QM and EM about the nonconformities that could occur during the works execution, proposes corrective measures for the their closure and alternative solutions to avoid a recurrence in the future; · For his own part, is involved in the purchase of machinery, equipment, plants, materials and services needed to carry out the works; · Takes part to the selection and technical assessment of the subcontractors, providing the necessary information on technical requirements to be included in the contract with Subcontractors; · Supervises with Plant manager the operation of the machineries, equipment, and plants on site; Oversees that maintenance plan is implemented; · Supervises the distribution of the design documents on site. · Plans and organizes the manpower and work shifts; · Operates Plan ahead to prevent problems and resolve any emerging ones; · Takes part in routine defining for working environment; · Cooperates in risk assessment workshop for design ’s activities and project changes, proposing and managing the related mitigation actions; · Is responsible for drafting any method statement regarding the activities to be carried out on work site; · In accordance to the contract requirements, cooperates with PM for all the necessary actions to recovery any delay in the project; · Supervises not directly the workers operation; Requirements: · Senior profile with a lot of knowledge in concrete · Experience from major infrastructure projects ·8 years previous work experience · Swedish & English