Plats: Stockholm
Företag: Wise IT
Sista ansökningsdag:
Länk: https://se.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=fd44d676d55de3bf

Om tjänsten

Assignment description and activities to be performed:

We are looking for experienced frontend developers to join our Design System team — and help lay a new foundation for UI design and development at scale. We are inspired by some of the great design system examples like Shopify’s Polaris, Adobe’s Spectrum, and GOV.UK, to name a few. It is a good sign if those inspire you as well.

As a member of the Design System team, you would help to

  • reduce duplicate work across teams by providing a system of easily consumable design elements;
  • provide trusted components and patterns, reviewed for UX–UI–frontend–accessibility quality attributes.

As a frontend specialist you would help us make best possible use of the Web Platform. You are likely interested in topics like web standards, browser capabilities, design patterns, as well as best practices and tools from the frontend community.

Competence requirements:

  • Hands-on experience developing design systems, component libraries, design token systems, or similar.
  • Experience with publishing and maintaining packages for other developers.
  • Experience with different frontend frameworks/libraries and ways of working.
  • Experience in cross-functional teams, especially with aligning design and development workflows.
  • Skilled in communication, especially written.

Tech keywords:

HTML, CSS, Sass, CSS Custom Properties, TypeScript, Web Components, Stencil, NPM, Lerna, Azure Pipelines

Start Date of the Assignment: As soon as possible

Duration of the Assignment: 6 months

Location: Stockholm (Remote)

Estimated Workload: 100%

Working Language: Swedish and/or English

We offer continuously. That means that we sometimes remove the assignments before deadline. If you are interested we recommend that you apply immediately.