Plats: Stockholm
Företag: Devyser AB
Anställningsform:Full Time
Länk: https://se.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=5ef421ffd7df386b
Kontakta: elsa.hane@devyser.com
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Om tjänsten

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Devyser was founded in 2004 by three pioneers who envisioned rapid, noninvasive diagnostics based on multiplexed approaches for NGS, real-time PCR and QF-PCR platforms. This has since been applied to the front-end of sequencing workflows in order to streamline protocols. About the role As Senior Project Manager you report directly to the COO and own the R&D project management process, that is grounded in Devyser’s Product Development Process (PDP). Together with the COO you establish a project portfolio based on the product roadmap and manage this portfolio. As responsible for the product development project portfolio, you follow the product development process. As project manager you lead these projects to their defined goals by ensuring budget, time, scope and quality. You lead the cross-functional project team and maintain close collaboration with the whole company such as production, marketing and QA. Through continuous updates on the time frame and any deviations, you keep all relevant stakeholders informed of the project’s progression. With your expertise, you implement a project management workflow and manage so that this is maintained and ensure continuous improvements of the workflow. Also, you contribute as a member of the project’s steering group and through monthly reporting of the project’s progress to the other members of the steering group. Your duties in the role include, but are not limited to: Lead total projects together with the project group and establish project plans for product development projects Ensure budget, time, scope and quality are defined and met for each project Responsible for ensuring that assigned areas follow the quality management system, laws, regulations, contracts, praxis, goals and policies Participate in mentoring and onboarding of new project members Act as a member of the Operation Management Team Who you are You are a proactive leader with a sharp ability to manage several projects at once. You enjoy setting structure and implementing strategy, and use your strong communication skills to manage and engage stakeholders. Meeting goals for you is a given, and you have a strong analytical ability and ensure cost-effectiveness. It is a given that you have a passion for extending your knowledge and keeping up to date with the industry and new research. Qualifications Several years’ experience from total project management within R&D organizations Documented experience of working in a quality management system Knowledge of regulatory requirements for medical device products Strong leadership skills within cross-functional teams Strong skills in Swedish and English, in written and spoken format What you are offered Devyser’s core values are implicated in our vision and mission, but are also the basis of our company culture. At Devyser you are offered an environment where your growth and innovation are encouraged. The surrounding team is made up of dedicated people with exceptional expertise in their areas. You are part of something great. Simplicity The simplest way is often the best way. By aiming for simplicity, we focus on what’s most important, constantly improving our processes and methods, and delivering solutions that are easier, faster and more robust in the hands of the users. Relevance We aim to drive better patient management, speed up the testing process and ensure the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. This is not only a guiding principle in the tests that we develop, it’s about being focused on our customers. By channeling our efforts into solving their problems and what is relevant to them, we remain efficient and ensure our continued success. Empathy Our business goes beyond technology – it’s about the people who create it, use it, and whose lives depend upon it. Listening to others and respecting their needs and concerns improves how we work together and how we serve our customers. By never forgetting the human aspect, we become better at what we do. Contact person Elsa Hane elsa.hane@devyser.com 0764965808