Plats: Västra Götaland
Företag: Farsight Tech Nordic AB
Länk: https://www.careerjet.se/jobad/sed92bc1de0b013dca672073639f57c17a
Sista ansökningsdag:2023-02-01

Om tjänsten

Om jobbet: Skilled UX/UI-design/Graphic design/Programming for apps, desktop and backend software with experience in animation, WordPress, social media management and marketing. Do you want to work in an innovative growing company where engagement, enthusiasm and creativity is valued? Do you want to work in a company with a flat hierarchy, short decision paths and strong core values based on ethics, workmanship, and the love of solving complex matters help people and organizations grow. We are looking for a skilled; ”jack-of-all-trades”, to complement our software engineering team as well as our marketing team. The work consists of UX/UI, along with web and app development as part of our software development team as well as graphic design, video editing and creating marketing material for management and the marketing team, using a variety of tools. The person must be an easy learner, able to withstand high tempo rapid development and innovation in a fast-growing company. The person must also be able to grow into future roles in project management and be highly independent. Working at Farsight Tech Nordic AB At Farsight we work on multiple projects, small and large; often in the form of custom back-end solutions for business systems, integration systems, data warehouses and control systems that are connected to web-interfaces, software with interfaces for Windows and Linux or apps for different platforms. As part of the development team you will be working hands on with graphic design, UX/UI and programming. In the marketing role you will be coordinating graphic design, web, video and marketing materials for both the company, company clients and for the company’s main international product; ProVide Server. In all roles you will be working both with company managers and take responsibility for completion. The role: · UX/UI-design for iOS and Android apps. · UX/UI-design for connecting back-end software to web interfaces and apps. · UX/UI for windows and Linux software using Adobe XD. · JAVA and JavaScript development along with MySQL. · Graphics development for the Farsight Tech Nordic AB Company profile including managing company web · Graphics development for our product ProVide Server including managing product web · Video and photo-editing of marketing materials for the company · Video editing, animations, and illustrations for ProVide Server The job is to be carried out in Skövde (requirement) at daytime during office hours. Who do we look for? At least 5 years work experience and experience from an international market. You express yourself at a proficient level both conversationally and in written text in English. Required skills (with references) · UX/UI · Adobe XD · Wed design · Graphics design for apps, software, and marketing materials. · Web development · HTML5 · CSS · JavaScript · JAVA · MySQL · WordPress including Elementor and WPBakery · Adobe Photoshop · Adobe Illustrator · Adobe InDesign · Adobe Premiere Pro · MOBI (interactive E-book designer) · Video editing and animation Extra merit: · Balsamiq · MSSQL · PHP · PostgreSQL As a person you are engaged and methodical; motivated by a diverse role where you pick up challenges along the way and work on different projects in different phases. You are social, curious and have skill in creating trust and engaging work-relationships with customers. You are a team player having a fundamental interest in learning new things and new technology. You have good problem management skills and have a great sense for details. About the company We are driven by user-friendly solutions that weeds out complexity and make information systems useful, clear and where manual processes are automated. At Farsight, we like sustainable solutions that can be managed over time and that, through usability, scalability, and flexibility, to enable people and companies to grow. Our passion is to solve complex problems and do it right from the beginning so that we can grow long-term together with our customers and partners. ProVide Server is our main software product sold globally but we are mainly an innovative and highly skilled software development company taking on challenges ranging frum billion-dollar corporate data warehouses to investors wanting help in developing and prototyping new patents. Read more at and As selection and interviews will be held continuously; send your application no later than the 12th of November 2022.