MarTech challenges – top 3

The expansion of marketing technology tools has been extreme over the past decade. But companies struggle to keep up – both tech-wise and with showing satisfying numbers. The MarTech challenges companies face today are expensive and many.

MarTech challenges – top 3

Ever bought a new fancy marketing tool, with no idea on how to use it? Well, you’re not alone. The struggle of getting the most out of your marketing technology is real – and it all starts with the right people and competence.

Here are the top 3 MarTech challenges:

#1. How to break through 

Even with the best new marketing technology, it is tough to break through the buzz. Companies nowadays invest millions on tools and gathering data – but with no idea on how to make the most of it. To stay relevant to the customers, brands also need to invest in the right people, come up with new, creative ideas, and focus on building great customer experience. All together with managing the best MarTech tools, of course.

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#2. Collect and handling marketing data

Sure, you might have thousands of e-mail addresses in your companies database. But how many of them are useful or interested in getting information regarding your company? Having someone manage, clean, and collect fresh and relevant data is one of the new most essential roles in a modern organization. Yes, it’s time to hire a Director of Marketing Data.

#3. The right people

Even with the newest, freshest, most efficient MarTech, execution will be inadequate without the right people to handle it. It is highly unlikely that the use of MarTech will provide any benefit to your business, without putting the right people in the right place. Experts, analysts, digital strategists, AI-experts – the list goes on.

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