New report: CX and MarTech is the future of marketing

According to a brand new report, the personalized customer experience, CX, is currently the primary way for a company to distinguish itself.

Report: CX and Martech most important in future marketing

Where companies could once rely on their products and their reputation for being relevant, today they have to rely on personalized customer experiences and new marketing technologies.

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It is Adobe who, in its ninth edition of Digital Trends, notes the above. The report also points out that brands are not only becoming increasingly data-driven but also more customer-focused. The customer experience is at the center.
12,500 marketers, creators and IT specialists have been interviewed – and this is apparent: everyone’s willingness to take control of their brand data. Over half of the respondents say that they now prioritize the use of data.

Some notable entries:

1. Companies that best succeed deliver personalized experiences based on a foundation of integrated marketing and CX technology:

The companies that classified themselves as very advanced in terms of customer experiences had a three times greater probability of having reached their profit goals.
Companies that are leaders in CX have, to a greater extent than others, a highly integrated marketing stack. Moreover, companies with a highly unified marketing stack reach their business goals to a greater degree than others.

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2. Customer data and data management appear to be more critical than ever:

Larger companies mean that data-driven marketing that focuses on the end user offers the most significant opportunity in 2019.
Half of the respondents have more and better use of data as their highest priority for the coming year.
Customer journey management is the most vital digital activity for larger companies.

3. AI has climbed the list of important issues, but still, many barriers make companies not reach all the way.

AI is difficult to understand and it is difficult finding the right competence.  At the same time, the report shows that those who are most successful in CX are also those who make the most use of AI.

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