Numbers speak: in-housing fails to live up to marketers’ expectations

Despite disappointing results, a majority of marketers plan to choose in-house resources over external expertise. But why?

Numbers speak: in-housing fails to live up to marketers’ expectations


The (often impossible) equation of saving money while at the same time increasing efficiency and achieving sky-high results is every CMO’s struggle. This has over the years created a trend of companies searching for talent in-house, instead of looking outside company walls. 

Some of the reasons for choosing in-housing are brands hoping to save money, carry better brand consistency, better control of campaigns, and improved decision making. But when it all comes down to results, numbers show that in-housing in many cases fails to live up to its expectations. New research from the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) and Mailjet provided to marketingweek.com, indicates just this.

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When comparing the outcome versus the hopes of choosing in-housing, numbers show a negative gap between result and anticipation, as shown in the diagram below.

Diagram marketers

In-housing still raises concerns 

What surprises us the most is that despite disappointing numbers, only 9% of the brands say that they will NOT continue with in-housing in the future. But what’s even crazier is that 86% of the brands that use in-housing today will carry on doing so. But it’s not without raising some concerns. 

For example, some marketers fear in-housing will result in the brand feeling trapped in a box without anyone putting on their ”outside-glasses.”  Other concerns are that in-housing involves too many people in the campaign, leading to an unclear process with the risk of deadlines being pushed back or even missed.  

So how can we change marketers view on in-housing, since it doesn’t seem to matter if the results on the campaign are satisfying or not? Well, that’s our mission! 

Numbers speak, the message is clear: in-housing is not the way to go! Instead, let us be part of building your next dream team with freelance consultants that all are an expert in their field. By using our platform The Only Way, you’ll easily find the perfect fit for the position that needs to be filled – external expertise instead of internal misfunctions. 

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