A handful of people and a great idea – this is the Customersonly story

A handful of people, a big challenge and a great idea. Old name – new company. Without employed consultants, we want to disrupt the advertising industry.



A handful of people and a great idea – this is our story

Four years ago, Christer Soelberg, our CEO, blogged in the advertising trade magazine Resumé about the Agency of The Future. In 2019 we stopped talking and are now launching our view of The Agency of the Future.

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CMO’s are under pressure

CMO’s are under a lot of pressure trying to deliver business results while adapting to the digital transformation of marketing.  At the same time Agencies fail to evolve at the speed required by brands.

Agencies not developing fast enough

In a recent study made by Creativebrief, agency CEO´s and brand CMO´s were questioned about the changing role of agencies. The study found that 68% of agency respondents and 72% of brands believe that ”agency structures, processes and pace of delivery” are not developing at the same rate as the needs of the brands.

Cross-Agency Teams is the future

Therefore we are firm believers in that the Cross-Agency Team solves many of the problems in the marketing of today. Together with our enterprise cloud platform The Only Way Platform™, we help leading brands find the right Talent, Tech and Tools. Best of all, it makes everyone a winner: the CMO – by finding the right talents, tech, and tools; the Agency – by increasing its business and profit; and the Consultant – by getting longer and more challenging assignments.

Transform how marketing is done

We have raised venture capital and have solid funding which enables us to develop our platform business model. CEO Christer Soelberg together with COO Kajsa Ericson are currently creating a management team that can transform how marketing is done. Where Christer has a vast experience within MarTech and customer communications, Kajsa has extensive experience from the media sector as well as from content marketing.  Our first step will be to offer the leading database with marketing professionals in Scandinavia. Our second step will be to make it significantly easier to work with MarTech. And whatever we do, we always put our customers at the center; that’s why we are still called Customersonly.

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Christer Soelberg, CEO, Customersonly.

CEO Christer Soelberg
Christer is a true entrepreneur and intrapreneur. During the last 15 years, he has been working at the forefront of MarTech with a relentless focus on the customer.

Christer has developed several innovative digital projects and companies – among others Oculos, a CRM/Big Data Consultancy, which was sold to Investor Group Capital.

Former COO at Burson-Marsteller, the world´s largest PR-agency. Started an airline within the airline,  SAS Eurolink. Christer has experience from working with leading local and global brands such as BMW, PwC, Toyota, Lexus, Cognizant, HP, Fortum, Swedish Child Cancer Foundation and McDonalds, just to mention a few.


Kajsa Ericson, COO, CustomersOnly.

COO Kajsa Ericson
Kajsa has worked with digital media since the ’90s and the start of aftonbladet.se where she acted as editor, project manager, and creative director.

She has also been Publishing Director of news, sports, and current affairs at both svt.se and tv4.se as well as Editor in Chief of TV4 Digital Media.

Kajsa is the founder and chairman of the content agency Starlings with several leading brands among its clients. Kajsa is also a member of the board at the industry association Swedish Content Agencies.


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