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Audio Production for Virtual Media Creators: Advanced Loop Creation and Underscoring

Learn advanced audio production techniques with weekly video content and live class sessions with the instructor. Create high-quality sound & audio for digital content and media production.


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About this course

This course offers:

  • Weekly video tutorials
  • 1 interactive online classes live sessions – Friday, April 22, 2022 1pm PST
  • Access to a sound library with over 100 audio clips for non-commercial use
  • Access to additional resources
  • Instructions on Ableton Live software with 90-day free full feature access

You will learn advanced looping techniques and underscoring within a digital audio workstation (DAW), and uncover a number of editing techniques to maximise the quality of your audio production. You’ll also learn to apply Equalization, Reverb and other audio effects to improve your sound.

In this course, you will participate in interactive class sessions (offered live online) with lectures and activities, alongside access to weekly video materials and other resources. You will also receive personalised feedback on your audio projects with weekly submissions.

Upon successful completion of Audio Production for Virtual Media Creators: Signal Flow & Introduction to Looping and Audio Production for Virtual Media Creators: Advanced Loop Creation and Underscoring, you will gain knowledge and skills to:

  • Develop proficient use of a digital audio workstation (DAW), signal flow, mic recording techniques and audio file management.
  • Maximize the quality and originality of your recorded content and add effect plug-ins, denoise, edit, manipulate, re-mix and render audio files and use advanced looping techniques to create your own original sounds and music.
  • Create your unique soundtrack that works to complete and improve your video-making or media production project.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced content creator, you will benefit from these two courses, especially if you are:

  • Podcasters looking to improve the quality of their voice recordings;
  • Media producers who want to create music to support your creations (podcasts, vidcasts, TikTok, Reels, YouTube, Vimeo, etc..);
  • Marketing professionals wanting to improve their audio effects;
  • DJ’s wanting to create their own backing tracks;
  • Video and filmmakers who want to better understand the sound creation process;
  • Voiceover artists and audiobook actors who need to record and produce their own tracks to collaborators;
  • Creators of sound and music for your own passion project.