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Digital Marketing – SEO, Social Media, Content, Online Ads

Learn Digital Marketing Strategies, SEO, B2B, B2C, Search, Keywords, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content vs Paid Ads


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This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning the best Digital Marketing course. Learn how to apply Digital Marketing skills in the real world from world-class Industry experts.

What  you will learn:

  • Learn what is digital content marketing
  • Know the different types of content
  • Determine the purpose of content creation and the steps to create content
  • Learn Effective Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Discuss Search Engine Optimisation
  • Understand what Search Engine Marketing is and its difference from SEO
  • Discuss Search Media Marketing (SMM) and Digital Content Marketing
  • Learn Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing
  • Be able to create a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Familiarize with the Steps on creating digital marketing strategies and its factors
  • Create Strategy and learn the Things to Consider in Digital Marketing
  • Understand what is B2B and B2C along with the different strategies
  • Learn Search Engine Optimisation and The Different Search Engines
  • Know how Google search engine works
  • Determine the structure of google search results like ads and others
  • What is Organic listing on Google search results and other factors
  • Learn the different types of keywords for digital marketing
  • Content that ranks example and keyword target and discussing other factors
  • Important steps on keyword research – List of relevant keywords
  • Discuss Meta tags and Meta Description on search content and other factors
  • Understand Web traffic analysis with similar web tool
  • Learn examples of backlinks on digital regenesys and other
  • Know the different Social media platforms that you could use in doing business
  • Discuss Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • How to Create and Customize a Facebook page
  • Learn the different paid digital marketing metrics
  • Understand the concept of digital marketing ads and other strategies
  • Know how to use Facebook Ads Manager
  • What is Twitter and its difference from other social media platforms
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn
  • Understand Email Marketing and how to use it to your advantage
  • …and many more exciting digital marketing topics!

Contents and Overview

You’ll start with what is content marketing; Important points while creating content; Types of content – Written and visual; Types of content – audio and video; Purpose of content creation and Steps to create content; Practice tool for content and Content management phases; Learn Effective Marketing Strategies; Marketing Strategies and 7 C’s discussion; Search Engine Optimization; Search Engine Marketing and its difference from SEO; Search Media Marketing (SMM) and Content Marketing; Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing; Learn what is Earned Media; Learn what is Paid Media; Learn what is Owned Media and examples of Earned, Paid, and Owned Media; Steps on creating digital marketing strategies and its factors; Talking points on steps of digital marketing and discussing it on detail; Creating Strategy and Things to Consider in Digital Marketing; Lead Generation Discussion; Web traffic matrix; SEO Optimisation, Paid Digital Marketing Advertising, and Social Media Digital Marketing.

Then you will learn about What is B2B and B2C; Strategies for B2B and B2C; Search Engine Optimisation and The Different Search Engines; SEO Definition; How does google search engine works?; Structure of google search results like ads and others; What to target on google search result on your branding and talking about SEO; Organic listing on Google search results and other factors; Results based on search on google and its structure and other digital factors; What to type or search based on example like buying a laptop; Kinds of digital searches – Navigational, Informational, and Commercial.

We will also cover Describing keywords and definition; Types of Keywords – long tail and short tail keywords; Other Types of Keywords – Branded, Geographical, and Seasonal Keywords; How to write and structure a content; Content that ranks example and keyword target and discussing other factors; Length of words and 2 way of communication and other factors; FAQs, Videos and Media, and other factors on how to write content that ranks; Add keyword to make content friendly; Importance of keywords in making content friendly; Primary & Secondary Keywords; Important steps on keyword research – List of relevant keywords; Sort based on average monthly searches and competition of analysis; Overview of the last lesson about keywords; Practical guidelines on keyword placement; Placing primary keyword ,secondary keyword and placing keyword to content; Meta tags and meta description on search content and discussing other factors; Primary and secondary must be present on title, description and url; The importance of title on primary keyword and its relevance on the content; Adding secondary keywords on description and url; Determining image title and showing another example of article; How often repeat keywords , using example from other article and other factors; To make content friendly add keywords like primary and secondary keywords.

This course will also tackle Types of web traffic – Direct and organic traffic; Another type of web traffic – paid , referral and social media traffic; Free tools for web traffic; Best tools to increase web traffic; What is backlink; Example of backlinks on digital regenesys and other; Introduction to social media; Social media platforms that could use in doing business; Commercial aspects on social media and its good aspects of business marketing; Features of social media.

Next, you will learn Facebook Features and Contents; Track/optimize and scale activity; Creating facebook page, its features, and other factors of Facebook; Showing some examples of ads and creating page of Digital Regenesys; How people discover your page and how to manage your audience; Editing page info and adding social media account on Facebook page; Learn to create cover page using Canva; Creating logo on Canva and uploading it to the page; Creating cover photo and uploading it to the Facebook page; Adding more items and elements on cover photo and add social media site on page; Creating public post on Facebook page; Creating photo on Canva and Freepik for Facebook post; Adding emoji and customizing the post on Facebook; Creating event on Facebook; Insights on the boosting for Facebook post and customizing it; Other page on Facebook, insights on it and other factors on Facebook page; Digital Marketing in Ads – Campaign, Budget, Impression, Click; Another marketing in Ads – CTR, Bid Strategy and connecting it to other factors; Understanding the concept of marketing ads and other strategies; Introduction to Facebook Ads Manager; Creating a Facebook Campaign and customizing it; Continuation on creating Facebook Campaign and Targeting People on Campaign; Setting up Campaign on Facebook post like refined and narrowing audience; Targeting Audience by Custom Audience; Create a website custom audience and targeting people by customer list; Customizing Ad section and selecting media on campaign; Other factors on setting up Facebook campaign and finalizing it.

This course will also discuss What is Twitter and its difference from other social media platforms; Statistics Overview, Twitter Marketing and Strategy; Creating a post and poll on twitter and creating image on Canva; Navigating tweet options and embed tweet; Showing an example on embedding the tweet; Promoting thru Ads and adding list; Keeping track of people thru listing; Optimizing twitter account and showing other features and options; Maximizing your digital ads, videos by boosting your post on campaign and other factors; Continuation of group details, targeting features and review and launch campaign; Direct and Indirect Marketing and what is Content Digital Marketing; Important points while creating content; Types of Content – Written and Visual; Types of Content – Audio and Video; Purpose of Content Creation and Steps to Create Content; Practice Tool for Content and Content Management Phases; Introduction to LinkedIn; Signing in for LinkedIn and discussing its features and ads; Demonstration on how to create page on LinkedIn; Creating ad campaign on LinkedIn and Campaign group; Customizing Campaign group on LinkedIn and setting other features on it; Continuation of customization of campaign group and campaign manager.

Finally, we will cover Why email marketing ? – less cost and shows a higher ROI; Other factors on why email marketing; Email practices – define your audience, email marketing platform and test emails; How to measure email performance; Types of email campaign and grow email subscriber list; Segment email list for high open and click through rate; Email marketing tools and mobile digital marketing; The mobile hierarchy of needs and Important features; Strategy and practice tools; Digital marketing budget with sample and example of digital marketing plan; Skills for digital marketing; Navigating mailchimp and its standard rates for digital marketing; Features of mailchimp and customizing audience and contacts; Importing and tagging contacts; Creating campaign email and customizing it; Selecting template, uploading logo and customizing other factors; Designing ,creating email and customizing email for digital marketing; Customizing on content of mail and doing other factors; Embedding video on your campaign and sharing it; Learning other tool stripo, getting templates on it and exploring it.

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Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to grown their business through digital marketing
  • Marketing people in organisations driving campaigns and launches
  • Individuals who want to learn about building an online brand
  • Anyone interested in learning more about digital marketing concepts