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Easy Vlogging – Making Interactive Self-introduction Videos

Learn how to create an engaging self-introduction video and make the strongest possible first impression to your audience. Gain both practices and technical skills in the use of camera, lighting, sound recording, video editing and more in the video production process.

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About this course

“Easy Vlogging – making Interactive Self-introduction Videos” is an online course for people to learn, in self-paced format, how to create effective job interview videos for either academic pursuit or career needs. With the contents learned from this course, it helps learners apply for dream jobs easier and more successfully, producing self-introduction videos with good visual quality, superior self-expression and professional presence.

The purpose of this course is to offer students with:

• An overview of digital video production, including script writing and other preparation works;

• An introduction on various video production techniques, including the use of camera, lighting and video editing techniques; and

• An understanding on the role of digital self-introduction video for interview purposes.

What you’ll learn

• Understand the basic concept of digital movie shooting and editing techniques;

• Recognize the role of digital video in media communication and promotion purpose

• Gain an overview of video production strategies, production management workflow, budgeting and costing,

• Understand the use of camera, technologies of lighting and sound recording; and

• Effectively communicate with professionals in the context of video production.