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Email Marketing Automation Masterclass Beginner to Advanced

Learn everything about Email Marketing & Automation with Klaviyo (or any other platform)

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Welcome to the Email Marketing Automation Masterclass Beginner to Advanced 2021 where you will learn everything there is to know about email marketing & automation from the basic email setup to advanced automation and email marketing strategy. Did you know that the average ROI from email marketing is more than 400%? Email marketing is a very underestimated and powerful tool nowadays and it is considered “old” by some marketers. Well, don’t take it out of your marketing strategy just yet as I will show you all the benefits you can achieve from it with very little effort.  I will teach you how to build your email lists, use smart segments and create, analyze and improve campaigns & flows in Klaviyo (but you can use any automation platform). After taking this course you will be able to fully automate your email marketing strategy and have the knowledge to improve your conversion rates, user engagement, and more. And I will assume you have no prior knowledge so we will start from the very basics and go the most advanced stuff that only the top marketers know and apply successfully.

WHY get THIS COURSE right now!

  1. You get lifetime access to this course!
  2. You can ask questions and get fast responses
  3. You can join our private community with hundreds of marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and more.

By the End of The Course You Will Know How to:

  • Set up your email client, corporate emails, and email platform
  • Build your email lists from scratch
  • Create advanced segments that will help you create successful campaigns and flows
  • Use your email marketing automation platform as a CRM (or connect to one)
  • Analyze, improve and fully automate your campaigns for success
  • Find hidden opportunities to remarket or upsell to your existing customers or leads
  • Set up your tracking and use custom events & conversions to go beyond the basics and conduct a proper analysis
  • Improve the performance of your campaigns over time and achieve higher conversion and engagement rates
  • I will also teach you the essential copywriting principles for Email Marketing
  • I will show you how to create and design your emails and use templates to save time and be consistent and recognizable to your audience

at the end of this course, you will be prepared to create your email marketing strategy, execute it and automate the best performing campaigns and flows to try to reach that 400% ROI

Unique Benefits:

  • Practical Excercise Sessions
  • Invaluable & Exclusive Tools Made by Us
  • Access to an Amazing Community
  • Learn by Doing Quests Tasks, Projects & Exams
  • Over 9 hours of professionally produced & recorded step-by-step comprehensive course

The course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn not only Basic Email Marketing but improve and fully automate successful campaigns and flows. This course is perfect for students, entrepreneurs, business & website owners, and especially for marketers.

*This course is part of a series of courses on digital business & marketing by Masters Academy.


Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn the power of Email Marketing & Automation
  • Website owners who want to improve customer experience, increase revenue and conversion rate
  • Suitable for Students, Experienced Marketers, Managers, CEOs, CTOs & More.
  • Sales people who want to use cold email campaigns for lead generation