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Events 3.0: Modern Marketing for Event Professionals

Understanding full funnel marketing and how it applies to events



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The event profession has evolved dramatically over the last 30 years, from logistics to experiential and now into a full-fledged member of the marketing team. To stay competitive, event professionals need to speak intelligently about how events drive revenue, as well as be able to work seamlessly across the marketing and sales organizations. This course will help ensure that your event career is not a dead-end job, but is recognized as the hub of marketing activity, positioning you to be a more strategic member of the marketing team. In this course, you will learn basic marketing terms and how to apply them in business, as well as how to create an audience acquisition and content strategy that aligns with the marketing funnel to drive attendance to your events. You’ll also learn how to create a full funnel event strategy for your quarterly or annual event plan. You’ll leave with knowledge of marketing automation tools, account based marketing, and event how to leverage a customer advocacy program to drive pipeline and revenue. You’ll be able to not only maneuver throughout your marketing and sales organization and present to executives confidently, but you’ll position yourself for upward mobility in your event marketing career and have greater opportunity to climb the ladder.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand modern marketing concepts as they apply to events
  • Design events to drive pipeline and revenue
  • Learn to speak the language of marketing for career advancement
  • Design a full funnel marketing plan for your events

Who this course is for:

  • Event professionals who need to learn marketing basics