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How To Write SEO Blog Posts [For Non Techies]

Get the views your content deserves.

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I charge £1,5000+ for every blog post I write. That’s because I write high volume and high conversion blog posts that are worth investing in.

Rather than buying my time, my clients pay for the value of the end product.

This video course walks through a tried and tested process to write high-quality blog posts from start to finish. From finding a topic to SEO and promotion, invest in this course to get your next post to 500,000 views.

Even if you don’t hit this milestone, you’ll learn how to prep a post for yourself, edit it so it’s the best version it can be, and find new places to promote your content to maximize its reach.


1 – Finding a topic (14 mins)

2 – Writing an outline (28 mins)

3 – Writing the post (1hr 5 mins)

4 – Editing your own work (53 mins)

5 – Optimising for search engines (49 mins)

6 – Content promotion strategies (1h 17 mins)

Who’s loving the course?

”I completed the course and it really helped 🙂 It felt like a needed refresh to my basic blogging knowledge. Dom did a fantastic job with detailing the process and explaining with live examples.”

  • Archita Sharma, Sr. Content Marketing Manager at Notion.

”I’d buy this course 10 times if I could!”

  • Tina Donati, Content Marketing Lead at Alloy Automation.

”When I saw started this, I immediately thought ”how simple”. This course is fantastic!”

  • Kevin Kieller, Co-Founder and Lead Digital Strategist at enableUC.

Who this course is for:

  • Writers and marketers looking to add more views to their content