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Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator – for Beginners & Beyond

Learn how to design a logo by a Published, Multi-Award Winning Logo Designer! 21+ Years Experience!


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What you’ll learn

  • Develop a Professional Iconic Logo Designs
  • Develop a Professional Typographic Logo Design
  • Develop Professional Vintage Logo Designs
  • Study and follow a client brief to create a logo exactly to requirements with ultimate satisfaction.
  • Gain valuable insight into colour psychology to influence the audience.
  • Construct an awesome mood board to further develop and refine logo ideas.
  • Learn how to develop logo design sketches like a professional.
  • Discover the very best materials to use in the sketching stage.
  • Discover how to develop a logo with deep & rich meanings.
  • Prepare sketches in Illustrator ready for optimal tracing.
  • Discover suitable colour modes for on-screen and in print.
  • Master every primary tool in Illustrator to weave masterpieces.
  • Increase competency in Illustrator and its features to illustrate almost anything.
  • Master the almighty Pen Tool to develop stunning symbol designs.
  • Professionally kern and prepare type for ultimate aesthetics.
  • Marry type with symbols professionally.
  • Sit taglines so they look great against a company name.
  • Learn how to design with optical illusions in mind.
  • Learn how to colour logos professionally and how to make the most of few colours.
  • Learn how to apply simple but effective effects with a few mouse clicks.
  • Learn how to develop mockups of photorealistic objects with your logo upon them.
  • Discover how to organise logo design files.
  • Learn to to present your logo design work to the client professionally.
  • Learn how to handle logo design feedback and revisions and completion.
  • Obtain email templates which you can use for your own business.
  • Find out how to price your logo designs to get the most money for your skill.
  • Learn about different logo design formats and their benefits.
  • Put your skills to the test with an array of projects to complete!
  • How to comprehend and use professional logo / graphic design terms
  • Speak to me in the Q&A at any time! Present your work and / or fire a question!


    • Adobe Illustrator (or Trial Version) or any other Vector Software
    • Scanner or digital camera / iPad / tablet camera is preferable to photo sketches to trace.
    • Pencil, paper & eraser.
    • Positive attitude & willingness to learn.


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Daniel Evans