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Market Analytics: Become a Data-Driven Marketing Expert

Learn to calculate market segments, use pricing techniques, and forecast sales with Excel for better marketing strategy.


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Marketing analyst salaries can reach six figures, but not everyone automatically earns such a high wage. First, you have to have strong analytical skills. Second, you need to know market analytics, which blends marketing, data analysis, and financial modeling. That’s why the Scandinavian Institute of Business Analytics (SCANBA) created a course that combines all three fields. You’ll learn how to conduct market surveys, analyze the data, find clusters, set product prices, forecast sales and even more. You’ll learn to use Microsoft Excel at a professional level, and be guided through every example to ensure you reach the learning objectives. By the end of the course, you’ll possess the kind of knowledge that’s available only to top market analytics experts.

The course is 2 hours in total, evenly split into 3 chapters:

Chapter 1. Market Segmentation

  • 5 advantages of market segmentation
  • Segmentation variables you can use
  • Descriptive and predictive market segmentation techniques
  • 4 major market segmentation techniques: cross-tabulation, regression, clustering, and conjoint-analysis

Chapter 2. Price Analytics

  • 11 pricing techniques
  • 3 pricing assessment methods, including break-even analysis and the net present value capital budgeting model
  • 5 Excel spreadsheet examples
  • Concepts of elastic demand, optimal pricing, and price discrimination.

Chapter 3. Sales Forecasting

  • 3 major sales forecasting methods including moving average, exponential smoothing, and regression
  • 2 additional extensions to the methods for in-depth analysis
  • 5 Excel spreadsheet examples
  • Methods for predicting both seasonality and trends in sales.


The course has downloadable example files you can use for practice.

Who this course is for:

  • Marketing professionals
  • MBA students
  • Enterpreneurs
  • Business developers
  • All levels of business analysts