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Public Relations Fundamentals Masterclass 2021 Course

PR skills, tactics and strategy for Personal Image Building and Corporate Communications


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What you’ll learn

The Zen of PR Public Relations Fundamentals Masterclass 2021 provides deep knowledge and insight for anyone looking to grow their public profile or their business. The course provides top-level public relations counselling, explained in expressly simple language that’s accessible to anyone.

This course teaches essential PR skills which enable YOU to achieve your business or personal ambitions. The course covers PR fundamentals and key message development, the creation of an effective positioning statement and biography, deep learning on how to write press releases and photo caption releases, the preparation of a media Q&A for media interviews, how to handle misrepresented facts and general guidance on reaching out, connecting and developing relationships with key media professionals and industry stakeholders.

We guide you carefully through practical examples, so we don’t just tell you WHAT you should do, we go in detail through HOW you do it, with case study examples and step-by-step ”build” tutorials at every step of the way.

Who it’s for

Marketers, business managers, students, entrepreneurs, models, MCs, TV presenters, musicians, singers, small business owners, sportspersons, philanthropists, fashion designers, photographers, social media users, DJs, sole traders, artists, chefs, interior designers, politicians, counsellors, club chairpersons, media, PRs, writers, editors, consultants, salespersons, hotels, medical centres & hospitals, start-ups, board directors, club members, content writers, brand ambassadors, affiliates and key opinion leaders (KOL) … in fact, everyone.

Who this course is for:

  • Marketers, business owners, professionals, personal brand builders, artists, models, MCs, thought leaders
  • This course is suitable for all, whether your aims are personal, business-related or for professional advancement