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Social Media Marketing in Practice Specialization

Develop Your Social Media Marketing Career. Like, Share, and Tweet your way to success with all the core Social Media Marketing skills required for the modern workplace.

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About this Specialization

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Institute’s foundational program on Social Media Marketing. The DMI is the global standard in Digital Marketing certification.

Over 3.6 billion people globally are using social media in 2021. This explosive growth, coupled with the speed of innovation and adoption of mobile technologies, has fundamentally reset consumer expectations, changed how consumers make purchase decisions, and transformed how businesses must operate to support their customers.

If you want to understand the forces transforming businesses today and the challenges social media marketers must overcome to cut through to engage their audience, this program will help you do so.

The first course begins with the core principles of digital marketing and digital transformation before diving into the basics of social media marketing, content marketing, and digital strategy. The second course drills into social media, business strategy, and the relative strengths of key social platforms for marketers.

The third course focuses on marketing using Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The final course covers advertising on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and social selling tactics to engage with today’s consumers.

After completing all courses in this Specialization, you will receive a DMI x Coursera certificate, DMI’s Certified Digital Marketing Associate certification, and three months of free Power Membership to unlock your next opportunity in a community of over 130k members.