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Successful Event Planning and Management

Plan, Manage and Execute highly successful events as an educated events professional.



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*This is course is designed for those involved in the planning, coordination or management of Festivals, Annual City Celebrations, Fairs, Farmer’s Markets, Expos, Art Exhibits, Professional Conferences, Concerts, Private Events, Events at an Event Center, Corporate Events, Community Events, Fundraisers/Galas, Sporting Events, Parades, and Traveling Special Events.* 

Successful Event Planning and Management will provide you with training on the most important skills needed to plan and manage highly successful events. Specifically, this course discusses Sponsorships, Vendors, Volunteers, Marketing, Operations & Design as it pertains to special events. This course is will benefit you by providing you with training, resources and templates that will help you launch or grow your event.

Plan, Manage and Execute highly successful events as an educated events professional. 

  • Excel at sponsorship sales!
  • Grow sponsorship funding by learning how to conduct a sponsorship inventory
  • Learn the trade secret to writing compelling and targeted sponsorship proposals
  • Streamline vendor management and the vendor application process
  • Master communication channels with vendors to save you time, money & resources
  • Develop a volunteer retention programs to keep great volunteers coming back year after year
  • Create then execute cost effective digital and print marketing campaigns for your event
  • Learn the basics of branding or re-branding your event to attract attendees
  • Be prepared for the inevitable by learning to master operations management
  • Secure your event by learning to create effective contingency and risk management plans
  • Organize your event like a business by learning to write a business plan for your event
  • Define your events purpose by learning to write mission and vision statement
  • Guide your event through times of growth by learning to organize a strategic plan for your event

Get the training and resources you need to plan, manage and execute highly successful events! 

The field of event planning is growing and skilled, trained and educated professional event planners are needed to help events stand out. This course will give you the training you need to become a professional in the industry.

Trying to make your event stand out? This course offers the best tips and tricks of the trade to help your event rise above the rest!

Who this course is for:

  • City Event Staff, Managers and Directors
  • County Event Staff, Managers and Directors
  • Corporate Event Staff, Managers and Directors
  • Event Center Staff, Managers and Directors
  • Event Volunteer Staff
  • Fundraising Event Staff
  • Festival Staff, Managers and Directors
  • Party planners
  • Exhibition Staff, Managers and Directors