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Ultimate Marketing Technology Stack Masterclass: Become Pro

Build a Marketing Technology Stack to Fit Your Business Objectives

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Beginner, Intermediate


While digital marketing has matured, it has also become more complex, and marketers need to think of its many components holistically.

A marketing technology, or martech, stack is the set of tools that your marketing team uses to plan, execute, and measure all aspects of your digital marketing objectives. With the explosion of new capabilities, vendors, platforms, and technologies in this space, it’s more important than ever to carefully choose your components and build the stack that’s right for your organization.

In this course, Yassine SEBBAR walks you through a framework that examines the roles and benefits of each layer in the stack—acquisition through marketing and advertising, digital experiences and clickstream measurement, the back-office functions, and analysis. Learn how these technologies can help you drive engagement, measure results, increase sales, and improve customer relationships.

Nowadays, it’s damn near impossible for marketers to perform without the right tools and technologies in their arsenal. The marketing world is non-stop and there are literally thousands of tools and innovations that were designed to help you automate and simplify your marketing efforts.

One of the more jarring tasks of many businesses I’ve worked with is selecting from the vast pool of tools to use. This is where having a marketing technology stack becomes fundamental to your business’ marketing strategies.

But what is a marketing technology (aka ‘martech’) stack and why does your online business need one? Let’s discuss and break it down.

Who this course is for:

  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Professionals looking for a career change
  • Business executives
  • Marketing executives