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UX Research

In this MOOC you will learn how to connect with users at every step of a digital product’s life and how to develop empathy and recognize insights that will nourish the design and evaluation processes.


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About this course

You’re curious about user experience (UX) but don’t know where to begin? This is the course for you! UX Research is what turned design into UX Design and evaluation into UX evaluation. In short, what makes UX, UX!

In this MOOC, you will learn to collect user information throughout the digital product’s development. From interviews, observation and cultural probes, to running surveys and reading web analytics, you will learn the most current UX data collection methods.

Seeing the product through the eyes of your users operates a paradigm shift with lasting impact. A good UX has been recognized to be profitable for organizations, consequently, UX Research expertise is a highly sought-after skill in business organizations.

No previous knowledge needed. Join us as you start your UX journey, through the UX Design and Evaluation MicroMasters, or as an individual course.

What you’ll learn

  • Thorough knowledge of all user data collection in an IT project,
  • User research methods and process,
  • Internal, external, primary, and secondary data sources,
  • Purpose, pros & cons of qualitative and quantitative UX methods,
  • User interview, focus group, observation, surveys, analytics, physiological data collecting, card sorting, to user testing and A/B testing,
  • Collected data analysis to extract pertinent insights.