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Video for Content Creators

Become a visual storyteller. Learn all the skills necessary for shooting quality video on your iPhone or Android device. Gain best practices and technical skills in composition, light, movement, editing and more—all on your smartphone.

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About this course

Traditional video equipment is bulky and comes at a high cost and even higher learning curve. Everyone from content creators and social influencers, to communication professionals and marketing teams, to journalists, are ditching conventional options for creating video to rely on their handy smartphone. Naturally, smartphones come with limitations to what they can do and how they perform. In this online course, you will learn how to work with, and even overcome, these inherent limitations to transform your smartphone into the ultimate content ally.

Your smartphone has the incredible capacity to shoot high-definition video, serve as a professional editing and post-production suite, and instantly deliver the finished product to a global audience. Gain the edge in promoting your business, building your social media presence or perfecting your visual storytelling. Dive into hands-on video production, learning fundamental skills of composition, shooting and editing to create engaging and share-worthy video content.

  • Best practices for producing, shooting, and editing video on a smartphone.
  • Fundamentals of using the native camera app and other commercial apps for more controlled shooting.
  • How to develop a story for video including storyboarding techniques.
  • Best-in-class interviewing techniques.
  • Tips for choosing video locations and how to optimize lighting, and audio.
  • How to edit your video on your smartphone for quick publishing.
  • How to upload to social platforms or websites from your device.
  • The best apps to use for giving added polish to your footage and edits.
  • The secrets to creating video that resonates with your audience!