Quality processes

We strive to have the highest quality in everything we do

Customersonly’s organization rests on two parts: Client managers – the contact with our clients – and Consultant agents who support consultants and agencies during and between assignments. This is how it works.
    • In addition to our quality policy that applies to the company as a whole, we also work strictly by following it to deliver the highest possible quality to our clients continually.


    • With the support of an AI-based matching, we ensure that the consultants and agencies in our database are matched to the client’s needs in the best way possible.


    • Upon request for our services, we sort out and present three suggestions for consultants or teams from which the customer may choose before the contract is signed.


    • Two weeks after the start of the project, the client is contacted by our client manager to make sure everything works with the utmost satisfaction.


    • Four-six weeks after the start of the project, we meet together with the client and consultant/team to make sure everything works with the highest satisfaction from both sides and if there is any need for support. After that, based on a further agreement with the client.


    • Some time into the project, and always after a completed assignment, the client and consultant do a mutual evaluation. The client or consultant/team will only use the evaluation to further improve their collaboration.
    • As a consultant, you are to send us your invoice monthly unless otherwise is agreed. In Toggl or a similar time tracking tool, the consultant shall enter the hours worked on the assignment.


    • At the end of each month, the consultant shall run and save a monthly report. The report, together with the invoice, are then emailed to inbox.lev.36900@arkivplats.se. After a review of the consultant invoice and report, Customersonly will, in turn, invoice the customer.


    • If the client wants to end the assignment with a consultant/team, we do our best to replace it with a new resource.


    • Subcontractors to Customersonly must approve of our policies (quality, environment, diversity, etc.)


    • The integrity of our clients and consultants is our highest priority and at the heart of how we design and build our services.  You can fully trust them and focus on getting the most out of our services. Read our entire privacy policy here.


    • Concerning logins and passwords, Customersonly and its subcontractors use encrypted tools to always maintain the highest possible security.