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We have a very rigorous screening process to identify the best marketing and we believe that the cross-agency team solves many of the problems in today’s marketing. Together with TheOnlyWay™ – our enterprise cloud platform, we help leading brands finds the right talents, tech and tools.
Best of all, it makes everyone a winner: the CMO – by finding the right talents, tech, and tools; the Agency – by increasing business and profit; and the Consultant – by getting longer and more challenging assignments.


Find the Best and the Brightest

Seek the best and brightest talents that agencies have to offer. We find the perfect match and give you the creative and technological firepower you need to succeed in the exciting, fluid and fast-changing marketing landscape of today.


The profit center model of the agencies limits the opportunity to tackle your business problems. Our cross-agency teams are encouraged and free to go wherever the needs and ideas of the customer may lead – instead of working in silos.

Work Smarter

Our platform TheOnlyWay™ transforms how marketing professionals work. With bureaucratic layers removed, our cross-agency teams are better able to focus on doing an excellent job. When people work better – marketing works better.

Create your free account


Start by creating a business account using the registration form. It costs nothing to register and you commit to nothing.

Whether you need a single consultant or a whole team, place an assignment, and we will help you in getting the right resources. Techs or creatives and everything in between – we have them all.

We match and promote candidates or agencies based on your needs.

You will get three suggestions to evaluate and discuss back at the office with your colleagues – thereby together making the choice that is best for you.

The agreement is written between Customersonly and you, the client/buyer as well as between Customersonly and the consultant/agency.

As a client tied to Customersonly, you will gain access to your own Client Manager.  Along the way of the project we will be in touch with both you and the consultant/agency to see how things are going and if the task is progressing properly.

Throughout the project, you can follow the performance via your dashboard. We handle all the invoicing.

After your assignment, you and your consultant will review the assigned work. The mutual evaluation will only be used by you and your consultant or agency to further improve future colllaborations.



All these services are included – completely free of charge:

Swedish marketing professionals database

My account

Unlimited assignments posting



We charge a commission on the value of the agreement that is transparent to all parties.

Client manager

AI based screening

Agreement – digital signing

Invoicing administration

Time reporting


Our high quality add-ons. Please call for specification and pricing:

Performance Management – Call for Price

Project Management – Call for Price

Dashboard – Call for Price

Cross Agency Management – Call for price

Sneak Preview

Welcome to the Agency of the Future


We are a Swedish company, trying to build the most significant marketing network in the Nordics without employed consultants.

Since we just launched, you are one of the first to find your way here. We are working like crazy to feed our platform with exciting assignments and talented consultants. Our platform is fully functional so don´t hesitate to register your free account and start using our services. We would love your feedback.

P.S. Please bear with us. We are currently updating our platform with assignments and consultants.