The 5 most significant challenges of the CMO

New technology offers many possibilities. Or do they feel like obstacles? Digital development proceeds with the speed of lightning and someone needs to be in the front seat.

The 5 most significant challenges of the CMO

At Customersonly, we know that to be successful in digital transformation, it is vital to find and surround yourself with the right people. Consequently, we have identified the five most significant challenges of the CMO – and offer the people and tools to solve them.

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#1. Succeed in creating your digital customer journey

At Customersonly, we are, honestly, somewhat allergic to the concept of the customer journey, since the word is not relevant to the customer. Instead, we label it as the digital experience, or simply The Experience. Just like in the real world, you act depending on how people treat you. Is it great or bad, kind or evil, quick or heavy – and above all; is it easy to understand or complicated?

The digital experience merely is for your customers to feel welcome and recognized in your digital environment. When the customer moves from aimless surfing to commencing a purchase or otherwise converting – this is when the right technology makes a difference. A marketer must be able to identify the stage of each customer at any given moment and then expose them to the right content.

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#2. Find the resources that constantly push development.

The development of digital communication moves with the speed of lightning. It is impossible for the marketing department to keep up with all the changes. It is equally hard for the individual agency to always deliver by the demands of the client. And you may not even know what kind of skills you need? With us, you find them all – from designers to developers and everyone in between. Do you need to supplement with one individual, a complete team or parts of it? In our database, the CMO will find all the resources necessary. We have cutting-edge specialists that cover all the areas required.

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#3. Data-driven ways of working with distinct and measurable ROI´s

Everyone talks about Big Data, MarTech, and data-driven ways of working, but what does it mean? And does the company have the skills and resources to manage the retrieved data?

”The digital revolution has created mountains of data, but organizations must have the right combination of skills, technology, and culture to unlock its value,” says marketing lead Julian Gottke in the report The Data-Driven Mindset (Mynewsdesk, January 2019).

Only 18 percent claim that they have a high degree of computer knowledge.

In the report, just over 1000 people were asked how much the company makes its decision based on data. The result shows that only one in five organizations has a consistent approach to data-driven decision making. According to the report, the most significant barrier is not the technology itself but has to do with the people – only 18 percent claim that they have a high degree of computer knowledge. And as many as 50 percents state that the culture of the organization does not actively support data-driven decision making.

Anyone who aims to succeed in the next decade must know how to handle teams, technology, workflows and a culture that rests on data. And to use de data solely for activation is not enough. It is essential that the data leads to insights that in turn propel the business.

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#4. Creativity and automation operating together

Technology for the sake of technology is nothing we at Customersonly advocate. Moreover, without a foundation of creative communication and ideas to lean on, the technology stack doesn’t matter.

Here is why: Have you ever after visiting a website, felt like: “Wow! That was great, and the experience was truly excellent! ” Right. But had you encountered obstacles – the probability of you coming back would be close to zero.

The technology is the means, not the goal itself. Without a message that sticks, it doesn’t matter how much you invest in advanced AI. At Customersonly we are convinced that specialists should dedicate their time to what they do best – regardless of whether it is design, storytelling, analysis or programming – but together, in cross-functional teams, where the total exceeds the individual parts.

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#5. Increased productivity as teams and agencies move in the same direction

With how many different agencies and consultants does your company work? Do they move in the same direction?

As communication regarding different publishing platforms specializes, the marketing department hires additional agencies. And this alongside the traditional advertising and pr agencies. It goes without saying that with various tools and systems, in addition to many different marketing managers, it is impossible for everyone to grasp the whole picture.

With this Customersonly can help you. First, we set up a framework agreement for better governance and control. Secondly, we create cross-functional teams with specialists from several agencies, which increases both the external and internal efficiency.

Our productivity tool ”The Only Way,” gives your agencies a toolbox that makes them collaborate better as well as dashboards that help you to focus on the result. Through better coordination and collaboration, the efficiency of the marketing department increases as well.

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