Five marketing trends to keep track of

When digitization and automation require new skills, the role of the marketer changes fast. But how? And what, as a marketing professional, should you invest in, when bots and artificial intelligence change how people communicate?

Five Marketing trends to keep track of

The marketing industry is in the middle of a paradigm shift. New technologies change how the marketer needs to work, and the same applies to which sort of content needs to be produced – for whom and on what platforms and media channels.

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The best marketers are agile, quick and adaptable concerning change. They dare to experiment with artificial intelligence and can interpret big data. At the same time, they can meet the end consumer on their own terms with the relevant content, thereby building loyalty and credibility.

Anyone who truly understands how the customers behave and make decisions in different digital contexts has a head start. But what are the trends that shape future marketing?

#1. Navigate correctly in the oceans of data

Big data has extreme potential, but the volume itself can be completely overwhelming. Collecting the actual data is not enough, you must also know how to distinguish the relevant information from the noise, be structured in how you manage the data and sure of what and why. Furthermore, access to talented analysts who can make the right conclusions are vital. But it is not just about the data itself, but also how fast you can translate the data findings into improved communication that enhances the customer experience. And then consistently repeat this – over and over again.

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#2. Always analyze and adapt

When the effect of the content can be measured and analyzed, the evaluation consequently changes. Machine learning is already used to identify behavioral patterns. The next step will be to use that knowledge in creative production. The marketer must quickly determine how consumers interact with the content and then apply the insight into the original output. Each interaction is an opportunity to create a relationship with a customer which ultimately points the customer one step closer to a purchase.

#3. Integrate AI into the customer experience

AI is commonly used for ad impressions and campaign optimization, but it is when AI is wholly integrated into the customer experience that it can become mighty – automated and in for example chatbots. The customer quickly and continuously expects correct and relevant communication and information. With the appropriate integration, customer engagement and interactions can further increase.

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#4. Build loyalty with authentic storytelling

The consumer searches for the information needed, but that doesn’t mean any content will do. The information must be relevant and genuine; it must feel personal and exceed yelling ”buy me” – i.e., content marketing. The key to navigating towards producing the best content is commencing on a small scale, identifying what works and then scale up with the content that is considered generous and entertaining – in various publishing platforms. The trick is to reach the customer in the context of their choosing.

#5. Focus on the user experience

Digital display advertising is not as effective as it used to be. Advertising fatigue, ad-blocking, and credibility problems are some of the obstacles. At the same time, advertisers continue to invest in programmatic. Perhaps it would be smarter to use the new data insights in choosing the best communication platforms and processes? More brands are also creating their communication on a broader mix of media types – desktop, mobile and social, display and native, video, text and images. Even super-personalized content such as VR, AR, and live broadcast video are on the rise.

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