The future of marketing is based on AI

By 2020, machines will perform the absolute majority of all brand-to-consumer communication. The Marketing Department of the future must have the necessary tools and professional knowledge.

The future of marketing is based on AI

Making decisions based on data is not new within marketing, but as the development progresses, it will be even more important to be able to review, process and interpret the enormous influx of information.

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The fast progression means that the agency must become the customer’s best strategic advisor. Not only in creativity and brand communication but also in terms of technology, customer experience and the digital transformation from a data-driven perspective.

The Marketing Department of the future must have the necessary tools and professional knowledge of the field. But their agencies must also become more of a partner who can recommend strategic choices – while, by correctly interpreting the data, it generates a better ROI. Also, concerning the creative content of digital channels, content marketing has been shown to convert more effectively than traditional advertising.

So, in what do you need to invest to keep up with the future?

#1. The right technology that monitors and simplifies the interpretation of data. Then the data becomes more accessible and can be used to improve communication with the end customer further.

#2. Smart Customer Data Platforms that can both integrate and share engaging content in several different channels.

#3. Efficiency tools and dashboards that simplify and improve the work of a group consisting of several parties at both agency and client.

#4. AI systems that help the agency and team make better decisions in managing different campaigns.

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But what exactly is AI? Quickly explained, artificial intelligence is a set of algorithms and techniques that can do (almost) the same brainwork as a human being, make decisions and act, but much more efficiently. In AI marketing, the technology is used to interact with customers, understand the market better, and propose new measures – all in the speed of lightning.

Optimizing the creative process

The automation process involves streamlining activities such as data collection, processing, and reporting. Thanks to AI, the agency can optimize the creative processes and make communication even more targeted. And as the expectations of the users continually increase, the brands must provide them with unique, exciting and relevant content. Customized communication is crucial, which in turn leads to a higher ROI.

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Generating leads

Reduced costs, access to large amounts of data, personalization and customer support are just some of the benefits that come with the use of AI. For instance: The best chatbots are great tools for generating leads. As virtual assistants who use a natural language, they can now communicate proactively and ask specific questions in the conversation. Here alone, loads of useful data can be obtained to improve the customer experience further.

Decisions based on data are not new within marketing. Nevertheless, by taking the lead and offer what the customers themselves lack, an agency can take full advantage of AI on our route towards the future.

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