The real challenges of MarTech 2019

MarTech has exploded in the last five years.  But you have to be really smart to take full advantage of the new marketing technologies. At Customersonly we love new technology but at the same time, there are som real difficulties that are rarely addressed. Here are the 2019 true MarTech challenges.


These are the real MarTech challenges of 2019

MarTech has exploded in the last five years.  But you have to be exceptionally smart and competent to take full advantage of the new marketing technologies. Even though you have the right technology – if the team is wrong, execution will be poor. These are the main MarTech main challenges of 2019.

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1. Showing business results.
In the past few years, companies have been spending billions of dollars building their marketing technology stack. However, CMO’s are at risk by focusing too much on Martech.  Even with a vision, a roadmap, and investment in technology – Brands and Agencies still struggle to deliver business results.
Breaking through the buzz is more difficult than ever. In YouTube or Instagram rankings, corporate brands barely appear. Brands need to manage, design, reinvent and proactively work to keep their brand evolving. They need to be culturally relevant to consumers and best-in-class customer experiences to demonstrate marketing’s value to the enterprise. It is evident that brands need more than new technologies; they also need better marketing.

2. It’s all about people.
Marketing organizations need to migrate to new technologies, manage oceans of data, understand AI and find new digital experts. However, marketers are not technologists — they are creatives, strategists and builders of relationships. Frankly – technology does not come naturally to them. Digitally mature marketing departments are using experts and developing their digital talent in creating conditions that will enable the organization to experiment, learn, and collaborate.

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3. Too fast or too slow?
It is vital to remember that the digital transformation of any marketing department is an ongoing process of change based on the needs of the business and the ever-changing expectations of the customers. Technology is an enabler and here’s the million dollar question; Have you improved your customer experience with these tools? If not, your roll-out goes too slow. But don´t go too fast since it can create large-scale business disruption in your company. The rollout of new martech solutions must be made step by step, piece by piece and stabilized until problems are worked out and customer experiences are measured.

4. Delivering personalization at scale.
Based on Gartner research, the customer experience will overtake price and product as a brand differentiator by 2020. Martech gives brands the tools and technologies that personalize their customer and marketing experience. However, marketers still struggle with the execution of personalized customer experiences. And wich automation technology is the right to choose? Assembling and operating a marketing-automation tech stack can be a challenge. Sorry to say but you are left on your own to filter the hype, figure out what to buy, and do the integration.

5. Make customer data integration simple.
Marketing departments are trying to integrate multiple martech applications and at the same time trying to understand and use Artificial Intelligence. However, instead of increasing efficiency, the martech ecosystem has created problems with data redundancy, accuracy, and integration. The customer data platform (CDP) is the “brain” of the smart marketing stack. It would be best if you had a centralized repository to gather all the valuable information you have about your customers. CDP is considered the best tool for creating unified views of your customers.

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