When your marketing team work better,
marketing works better

The Only Way Platform™

Creating a world-class marketing team.

Creating a world class marketing team is about improving performance both at individual, and functional levels. We improve on the organization’s ability to effectively respond to changes in its external environment, and it’s about increasing internal capabilities by ensuring the right people, digital workflows and using the right martech and a managerial processes that fully harness human motivation and help people function to their full potential.

The Only Way Management Consulting

We are management consultants specialized in large marketing organizations. By analyzing the market function with regard to impact, organization and processes, we create an business case to step-by-step action-plan developing a world-class marketing team.

The Only Way Platform™

Find the right people – We act as a purchasing unit for all or part of your consulting needs. What external communication help does the company need? Everything from technology specialists at Martech to creators and entire agencies.


The cross-agency team is a foundation for the new marketing team. A unified, best-in-class team that work across disciplines and agencies, smashes company silos and – in true partnership – deliver client goals.
The keyword is adaption. Without a team that can adapt, your competitors will grab your market share. Even in terms of technology, adaptation is the keyword.
We form teams with the top skills concerning each customer. And since our expertise is extensive, you can always be sure to find the right people.

The Only Way Platform™ – top ten features

Clients are increasingly seeking unified, best-in-class teams that can work across disciplines and agencies.

We are management consultants specialized in developing world-class marketing teams. By analyzing the market function with regard to impact, organization and processes, we create a business case and a an action plan that step-by-step increases marketing ROI.

What external communication help does the company need?
We act as a purchasing unit for all or part of your consulting needs. Everything from Martech specialists  to creative teams to entire agencies. We development of new organizational structure, roles, responsibilities and processes and support in connection with reorganization and recruitment

A marketing technolgy stacks is the collection of software services that you use to improve your marketing.

Our real-time and unbiased user reviews help you to objectively assess which technology you need for your marketing. This service is under development and coming soon.

With 7000 vendors and users reviews, we make the purchasing of marketing technology simple. Service under development and coming soon.

Transform old and manual ways of working into modern digital marketing workflows.

TheOnlyWay Goals™ create alignment. This is to ensure that everyone in your team move in the same direction – with clear priorities and clear goals.

TheOnlyWay™ Admin is a team management solution that connect consultants to marketing processes such as project management, time reporting, digital signage and invoicing.

TheOnlyWay™ Dashboard – where usage and activation of data, often in an automated or semi-automated manner, allows for significantly more optimized media and a creative strategy.


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