This is why personalized marketing is becoming more important

Is there anything worse than intrusive pop-up advertising or irrelevant and disturbing sponsored posts in your feed? Not to mention when the video you are watching is interrupted with ads?

This is why personalized marketing is becoming more important

Traditional ads is struggling to break through the noise. The easier it becomes to choose to cut off advertising (pay to avoid watching it) via for example, streaming services, the more sensitive users become to advertising. But considering all the data that marketers now have access to, wouldn’t it be weird not use it for the brands advantage – as well as the customers? This is where the personalized marketing gets into the mix.

Personalized technology is not a new thing, for example, geo-targeting has been on-going for some time. We would ever claim that it nowadays is even close to annoying for users if the service they are using is not location-based. The same goes for e-commerce; You obviously don’t want to see suggestions of products that you absolutely have no connection to nor is in need of. Of course, there is not a coincidence that the products that appear in the widget at the bottom of the page when you make a purchase in many cases cause you to stay on the page and click on a new product.

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Take it a step further

But there are ways to make the processes even more advanced, although “products you might also like” should definitely not be underestimated. Take Netflix as an example. The company may be selling one particular service, but in fact Netflix needs to market thousands of products when it comes to their movies and series. Because of that, the streaming service takes personalization a step further. Netflix does not only generate suggestions based solely on what you recently watched or what genre you seem to like. They are also working on changing what types of visual content and artwork you as a viewer are exposed to, such as movie posters and other graphic designs that belong to the titles.

The model of ​​working with content that will entice viewers with the eye and through the artistic, is a brilliant example on how companies makes use of personalized marketing, as well as constantly change and improve their way of meeting the viewers needs.

Example of a Netflix homepage.

Serve instead of irritate

We think that companies like Netflix really are hitting the spot here. Today’s users/viewers/visitors readers wants to be served – not annoyed. As a marketer, you want to solve the users’ problems, be accessible at all times and stay top of mind – and all this in 0.3 seconds.

The only way to succeed, is to address the user directly. Make them feel invited through a personal message or product, but without them even noticing it themselves. In a world where we become more discerning, have endless choices and would rather not pretend that we are influenced by advertising at all, we have only one thing to say to everyone involved in MarTech: personalize more!

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