Three major challenges to the agency

The rapid development of digital marketing creates several big challenges for the agency. Either you try to handle them yourself – or you try a new business model.


Three major challenges to the agency

The advertising industry is under a tremendous amount of pressure. To get into the digital marketing space, agencies have to compete with software engineering companies who are more suited to the data driven world of digital marketing.
Here are the agency’s three most significant challenges – and our solutions on how to tackle them.


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1. Collaboration is key

When the customer needs to adapt to the rapid change of digital marketing, it is essential to find the right talent. However, clients are asking agencies for people and services that they don’t offer. The rising need for technologists in the core creative teams makes it increasingly difficult to find the right skills. One strategy is to focus on your core competence and find ways to collaborate better with other agencies and consultants.

Embrace the Cross Agency Team approach and let your agency focus on what you do best. The specialists that your customer wants can be found at new platforms like Customersonly – The Only Way Platform™.

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2. Attract new clients

Remember, most customers have difficulties in keeping up with the rapid change in marketing. Help them get business results. That is your job. But as the number of competitors increase, approaching the right type of customer is vital for any agency. You need to have the right people, position yourself as a leader in your niche and finally create an outstanding customer experience.

The solution for most agencies is to focus on their strengths and find their niche as an agency.

– What is your cutting edge expertise today and tomorrow?
– What skills are required to enable your team to work effectively with others?
– What challenges will they face and have to overcome?

If you have the answers to these questions, it will be easier to attract the right kind of customers.

Customersonly eliminates one of the most significant barriers to profitability: Category exclusivity. Instead of just working with one client in each category, we tear down those barriers and let you use your deep industry knowledge with new customers.

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3. Work smarter

Another major challenge facing the agency is the need of working smarter. The more the agency collaborate, the larger the need of smart digitized processes that make it easier to work with a client together with other agencies.

There was a time when the agency had only one system for time reporting, project management,  invoicing and so on. Today’s main challenge is to have an open architecture that lets your staff work seamlessly with other agencies and consultants. Open up your own system architecture and increase agency profitability as the employees spend more time doing the actual job of optimizing your customer´s marketing results.

With The Only Way Platform™ we innovate how teams work together. By working in cross-agency teams with independent specialists, the employees of your agency can do what they do best and love – amazing creative solutions.

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