Marketing through content – this is content marketing

There is much talk about content marketing – but what is it? Not as new as one might think.


Marketing through content – this is content marketing

In its purest form, content marketing is, in platforms that you control, to produce and distribute high quality, relevant and valuable information that causes a potential or existing customer to go from word to action.

In Sweden, we have labeled it assignment publishing (uppdragspublicering) or editorial communication (redaktionell kommunikation), i.e., editorial content with a commercial sender. Think customer magazine, for example. Alternatively, a well-known furniture catalog that has been around for a long time.

Also, within B2B, content marketing has long been used. Here whitepapers and other types of informational documents, brochures, films, and books are essential sales channels.

The new parameter: more platforms and channels

In defense of the term content marketing, the meaning has become somewhat broader. That with the help of the dramaturgical narrative, spread the company message through, for example, video, social media, or native advertising.

However, the most significant difference is that the media noise has become so much higher. It is tough as a company to break through. Also, consumers have become much more educated and demanding. As a company, it is, therefore, necessary to exist in the digital channels far ahead – to move and engage existing as well as new customers.

It is, however, essential to remember that content marketing is not a channel or a platform but a way of marketing its brand.

Provide information with a distinct value

Content marketing should, in its best form, provide valuable information to the consumer. Also, since the consumer feels that it is receiving something of value, brand loyalty is built. Therefore because different content formats and publishing channels can be prioritized, it is also an excellent way to catch the attention of different groups.

Content marketing, in its best form, should provide useful information to a target group regularly.

Establish the brand long before a purchase

The goal for your company is to, through content marketing, establish the brand as an expert,  thus getting the customers to buy from you when they are ready to make a purchase. To be top-of-mind regarding credibility and relevance. For the very credibility and relevance is of utmost importance as well as taking your potential customers with the utmost seriousness.

Content marketing is dialogue and not monologue. It strengthens relationships and increases sales with the help of relevant content.

Thus. Content marketing is commercial information in an editorial form – published in channels and platforms of your control – which also creates some desirable result. If not, it is “just” plain content.

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