We want to build the agency of the future

Digital marketing of today is complex and changes rapidly. It is hard for a marketing department to deliver with its own resources and it is equally difficult for large agencies to compete with small, agile teams of specialists. We want to fix this.

We want to build the agency of the future

By offering resources from the whole market, we build the advertising agency of the future – with an AI-based platform and without consultants of our own. And since buyers and sellers of communication alike are our customers, we call ourselves Customersonly.

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Today, the CMO´s primary responsibility is the digital transformation of marketing, i.e., the customer experience. Everything always changes, in addition to the goal of increasing the company’s sales and growth as well as affecting people’s attitudes and behaviors. But technology is developing exponentially, and many people are lost along the way. Moreover, it is challenging and takes a lot of time to find the right agencies and consultants.

Helping leading brands find the right team

Customersonly’s business model is, therefore, to help leading brands find the optimal team – and the right technology solutions – in addition to a powerful AI-based platform and the digital tools that the marketing manager needs. In this way, we want to solve the market department’s three most significant problems, completely without consultants.

Everyone is a winner

– We have identified the problems that the industry is experiencing, both buyers and sellers, and have developed a model and a platform to solve them. Through Customersonly, the marketing department gets the optimal team, the agencies increase their occupancy, and the consultants receive more assignments. To this we add the right technology solutions within marketing tech and tools to measure the effect, says Customersonly’s founder and CEO Christer Soelberg.

Critical to measure the effect

Kajsa Ericson, COO at Customersonly, has extensive experience in the media industry, and has for many years run the content agency Starlings:

– Content marketing is a natural part of modern, digital marketing, while it becomes even more critical to measure the outcome and effect of the content in all different platforms. But as a marketing manager, it is impossible to keep up with the development at all times. It is also tricky to always deliver with your resources each time a new competence is required. At the same time, traditional advertising agencies have the opposite problem. How to increase the profit and at the same time provide the competencies that the client requests? And how is it even possible to compete with small, agile specialist teams?

Our solution: people, tech and effectivity

According to Christer and Kajsa, the solution consists of three parts: the right talents, the right technology and the right tools to measure the effect.

The pace of change in new technology also means that there must be a flexible environment where one can quickly replace old technology with new. With Customersonly’s solution, the right marketing stack is always provided, that is, the collection of tools and programs used by marketers to plan, optimize and deliver market activities.

And as always it begins with finding the right people. The solution consists of ”Cross-Agency Teams”, that is, teams from the client together with employees from several agencies plus consultants – all equipped with the right tools to realize the business goals of the client.

Assignments are posted on our web

Customersonly plans to offer about 10,000 qualified marketing consultants – be it creators, editors, analysts or system developers who are needed in the team. The marketing manager posts the assignment on customersonly.com, and we assemble the team best suited for the job. If the marketing manager is satisfied with our suggestion, a contract is signed between Customersonly and the client as well as between Customersonly and the agency/consultant.

Marketing Tech database

The next part is the right technology. Today, there are more than 7,000 suppliers of Marketing Tech, and the challenge for the CMO is to choose the appropriate ones. Our platform The Only Way™ will eventually (service coming soon) contain all the software, but also the consultants and developers who can manage them. The marketing manager can thus select the right technology – and find the specialist to run it.

Level up the efficiency

The third challenge is to level up the efficiency. In digital marketing it is essential to be able to work in entirely new ways; with data-driven decision-making, editorial content production, personalization of the customer experience, automation – and not least to create original ideas. Some major brands work with as many as 100 different agencies which becomes inefficient and creates higher costs than necessary.

Data-driven decision-making

With our service, the organization is considerably optimized. Creating data-driven decision-making is not easy. It requires real-time data, transparency for all employees and, not least, a clear connection to actual business results. Therefore, we provide the optimal tool, a dashboard that compiles all the data of which the client needs to keep track.

The pace of change in new technology also means that there must be a flexible environment where one can quickly replace old technology with new. With Customersonly’s solution, the right marketing stack is always provided to optimize and deliver market activities.

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